Tammy Sytch, aka Sunny, batting 1.000, arrested three times in three days

“I know you want meeeee” (Courtesy Gerweck.net)

According to Prowrestling.net, former WWF/WWE diva Tammy Sytch, better known to AOL subscribers in 1996 as Sunny, was arrested three times in three days. What is she, from Waterloo or something? (See? Go to hell, Midland, Michigan.) TMZ, who continues to break the most amazing pro wrestling news, says all three arrests are linked to domestic violence. Here’s the Dot Net blurb:

Sytch was originally arrested on Tuesday following an altercation with a man she lives with. She was released the next day and arrested a few hours later on disorderly conduct and strangulation charges involving the same man. She was arrested on Thursday for violating a restraining order for a second time in two days for another incident involving the same man.

Tammy Sytch’s entire life is like the last two minutes of that show “Intervention.” They spend nearly an hour exploring the fucked-up life of some white-trash drug or booze addict, send them off to a tropical rehab resort, show them 60 days later with whiter teeth and smaller bags under their eyes, and send them packing… only to tell us that “12 minutes after arriving home, Candy was arrested for public intoxication and punching a police officer.” Now imagine an “Intervention” marathon. That’s the life of Tammy Sytch. And to think, she was at her post-Candido hottest just two years ago. How the mighty have fallen, probably thanks to a stiff right hand. -Eric

Another Jerry lawler photo but with 100% more cholesterol

Now I am not a doctor nor have I ever played one on television but, um, is that steak? Has there been some new medical breakthrough where heart attack patients who have just had blockages opened and stents inserted are fed the exact same foods that caused the issue in the first place? Do you get to wash it down with Mexican ice cream? Ya know, cause it is fried? Anyone? Moving on.

Are Canadian doctors fucking stupid or did Brian Lawler sneak this to his dad like he was passing a roll of quarters? Wait, this is in Montreal right? Are French Canadian doctors fucking stupid then? It doesn’t seem right lumping all Canadians with those shit bags. no really, what the hell? Steak for a heart attack patient? What is next mandatory bumps for recovering addicts? What shitty socialized medicine they have in Canada. Sure seems to be a huge scam huh? Is this what we need in America? I think not. Vote Romney 2012. -Jeremy

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