Stunt Granny Audio #203

Kevin and Dusty are at the helm for this edition of Stunt Granny Audio, and what an edition it is! The two heroes are momentarily distracted by Dusty’s A’s destroying Jeremy’s Tigers, but are eventually able to turn their attentions towards the latest happenings in the world of professional wrestling. Both Brian Gewirtz and Jim Cornette lost their jobs as head writers for WWE and ROH, respectively. What is the fall out going to be for those two promotions? Can we expect tangible changes, or are these just superficial changes that won’t really incur actual changes unless other moves are made? CM Punk had showdowns with both Vince McMahon and a fan on this past Monday’s Raw. Can a slap really reverberate to the knee, or is the fan just looking to get his sue on? Is it ridiculous for Vince McMahon to be standing toe-to-toe with a top wrestler? TNA’s salary information got leaked on the internet mysteriously. We agree that it’s fun to just gossip about things you’re not really supposed to know. Who is overpaid? Who is underpaid? Will Kurt Angle be heading back to WWE anytime soon? Dave Batista made his MMA debut recently. Is he in it for the long haul or is he just trying to keep his name out there until Vince takes him back? Will he actually be successful at this endeavor? Would he stand any kind of chance whatsoever against Brock Lesnar in a shoot? And finally, much like walking in on your parents as they are, you know, getting busy, the Hulk Hogan sex tape is something you see that you can never ever unsee. But it’s news, so we have to talk about. And you can listen to it by downloading the link, so you better do that immediately.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #203

Tammy Sytch arrested for the fifth time

Check this out, from TMZ:

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before … former WWE diva Tammy Sytch was just  arrested in Connecticut … her 5th arrest in 4 weeks.

Law enforcement  tells us … Tammy — who wrestled under the name Sunny — was popped in  Branford this afternoon … hours after she was released from jail on Arrest #4.

This time, Tammy was busted for 3rd degree burglary and 3 counts of  violating a protective order.

We broke the story, Sytch was also  arrested yesterday for violating a protective order when she was found passed  out in the home of her ex-BF.

Tammy had also been arrested 3 times in 3  days back in September under similar circumstances.

Tammy is currently  being held without bond and is expected to see a judge in the morning … who  will probably release her so she can get arrested again.

Might as well  go for the double hat trick at this point.

Read more:

So yeah, there’s that. – Dusty

CM Punk punched a fan. Ha ha he had it coming.

So this explains why Vince McMahon had an awkward pause at the end of Raw. Apparently security fell asleep on the job and didn’t bother following CM Punk in to the stands last night. Really, what is the worst that can happen? Oh yeah, fans may surround your employee and then he may need to knock one of them on their ass, which is exactly what happened.

Deadspin has a good write up of the incident with two different videos so feel free and check it out.  Deadspin is a great site so there is no problem giving them the hits.

Should this be considered a work? It all certainly looks legit and has all the hallmarks of a real incident. McMahon looked genuinely taken aback for a moment. The camera cut away and never focused on the action and the announcers never brought it up. Now, this could all be part of an elaborate work on WWE’s part to get heat on Punk but why bother?

The second video shows a much better view of the incident and may lean a little towards a work. Punk is getting pushed around a bit and Punk seemingly turns around an looks at the guy. Then the guy messes with him again and blamo! Down goes stupid wrestling fan.
Oh, this is the part where you need to realize Punk was in the right and this guy got what he deserved. This of course all hinges on this being a real incident. Stupid fucker, don’t touch the talent. Just because he came in to the crowd and stood by himself in the aisle. He was playing his part correctly and you decided to place your hands on him.  So, be prepare to get knocked on your ass and have your fancy sunglasses smashed asshole.

Now a quick rundown of my favorite parts:

1: Black guy reaction

2: Oblivious Dolph Ziggler shirt wearing fan

3: Brock Lesnar t-shirt wearing midget pushing Punk first.


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