CM Punk punched a fan. Ha ha he had it coming.

So this explains why Vince McMahon had an awkward pause at the end of Raw. Apparently security fell asleep on the job and didn’t bother following CM Punk in to the stands last night. Really, what is the worst that can happen? Oh yeah, fans may surround your employee and then he may need to knock one of them on their ass, which is exactly what happened.

Deadspin has a good write up of the incident with two different videos so feel free and check it out.  Deadspin is a great site so there is no problem giving them the hits.

Should this be considered a work? It all certainly looks legit and has all the hallmarks of a real incident. McMahon looked genuinely taken aback for a moment. The camera cut away and never focused on the action and the announcers never brought it up. Now, this could all be part of an elaborate work on WWE’s part to get heat on Punk but why bother?

The second video shows a much better view of the incident and may lean a little towards a work. Punk is getting pushed around a bit and Punk seemingly turns around an looks at the guy. Then the guy messes with him again and blamo! Down goes stupid wrestling fan.
Oh, this is the part where you need to realize Punk was in the right and this guy got what he deserved. This of course all hinges on this being a real incident. Stupid fucker, don’t touch the talent. Just because he came in to the crowd and stood by himself in the aisle. He was playing his part correctly and you decided to place your hands on him.  So, be prepare to get knocked on your ass and have your fancy sunglasses smashed asshole.

Now a quick rundown of my favorite parts:

1: Black guy reaction

2: Oblivious Dolph Ziggler shirt wearing fan

3: Brock Lesnar t-shirt wearing midget pushing Punk first.



One Response

  1. Great work. hilarious. however, the tape doesn’t lie. clearly, punk hit and pie faced the wrong person. didn’t know that flailing a wild backfist to somebody who didn’t touch even provoke him is cool in today’s wwe. He could’ve hit a woman or kid. then what? I do agree with you that fans shouldn’t attempt to rough up the talent. it’ll always end up bad.

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