Samoa Joe poses an interesting question on Twitter

Samoa Joe wants to know:

I know my many, many answers: Authority figures with real authority… equal weight on the importance of both talking and wrestling, but not equal time, thus the complete abolishment of the 20-minute soliloquy… along those lines, the return of the in-ring/podium/backstage interview that always includes an emcee/announcer/talk-show host… a 7-year statute on “takeover” angles…

What about you? Leave a comment below!


3 Responses

  1. That’s really interesting that he has a question for us, because *I* have a question for him. And that is: If you are unhappy where you work, and there is another place that would be willing to employ you, and possibly pay you more as well, why would you continue to work at the place you are unhappy with? Pesky question doesnt fit Twitter’s space requirements, though, frownyface.

  2. Weight limits, not no limits.

  3. Have to agree with the S.G. Crew on the last one. invasion and takeover angles are played out and stale. no one cares anymore. and how about having matches that don’t end because of interference from the outside?

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