Brad Armstrong dead at 51

Sad news from the world of me watching Southern wrestling in the late ’80s and early ’90s: According to, Brad Armstrong (real name Robert James) was found dead in his home Thursday of causes yet to be announced. He had been treated recently for undisclosed medical issues.

Brad, one of the Armstrong family that included father “Bullet” Bob, and brothers Steve (of the Young Pistols), Scott (current WWE referee), and Brian (aka Road Dogg Jesse James), was known in circles as hilarious backstage but bland on camera despite his incredible in-ring work. He never rose far above midcard status in the NWA/WCW but wrestled his share of great matches against the likes of Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson.

He was also given his share of shitty gimmicks from the “Throw It Against the Wall and See What Sticks Department.” Check out the videos below of Arachniman and Buzzkill for evidence of the genius minds behind WCW all throughout the ’90s.

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