Stunt Granny Audio #207

Jeremy and Kevin bring goodness to your ear drums for the second consecutive week. With their broadening on topics by talking about the presidential election. Does Kevin flaunt his status as someone who gets a vote that “counts” since he’s in a swing state? Who would Jeremy have voted for if his vote “counted”? They tie in talk of heaven since Jeremy is awaiting utopia with the passing of the election. How many rules are there in heaven? Does it have a VIP Lounge? How about flaming swords? Jeremy & Kevin tie in the WWE by talking about Linda McMahon’s failed Senate campaign. How bad was Vince McMahon that he had to shell out that much money? How could they recoup the money? Our intrepid duo knows, make a better product on TV! Kevin’s tries to weave the story lines together for Jeremy who has failed to watch Raw yet. Is this good for TV but bad for their quality? How can it work out for the best? Does Jeremy think they’re hot shooting Ryback into another main event? Are they going to ignore the Mick Foley dynamic now that CM Punk is in the match? And what of Dolph Ziggler’s story line coming about with John Cena, who won’t be in the elimination style match. Jeremy already filled out his Mad Lib, how did it end up working out? They wrap up the show by talking about The Walking Dead. Is there a tell when someone is going to die on this show? Find out that and more when you click on the link below!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #207


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