@PRIMEWrestling – Season 6 – Episode 4

The opening the show is “Late Night” Nicki Valentino who is introduced by guest ring announcer Chris Van Vliet. Valentino asked for respect from Van Vliet then made him re-introduce him. His opponent was a debuting Jay Flash. Valentino kicked him in the gut. Valentino celebrated after a clothes line. Flash arm dragged him twice. Valentino took a walk outside. Flash got hung up on the top rope when he tried to drag Valentino back in. Valentino pounded away. Flash got a pin fall but Valentino was still on offense. Valentino went for a body scissors. Flash punched and chopped Valentino. Flash snap marred him then kick him in the back several times. Valentino dragged Flash outside. Valentino chopped Flash then tossed him against the guard rail. Valentino had a reverse chin lock on. Flash gave him a head scissor take over followed by a drop kick. Flash went for a crucifix pin but Valentino block him so Flash turned it into a power crucifix. Flash missed a splash in the corner. Valentino locked in the cross face chicken wing for the submission.

Analysis: Fun match. Flash is really green but had a ton of energy. His punching was pretty terrible. He moved around the ring well and executed other moves fairly well. He’s got some potential. Valentino got another quality win where he didn’t look like a goober. I’m not sure why the story line is playing him like he is a lackey. His in ring performance is clashing with it. I like serious or at least more serious Nicki. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante acts indignant about Justin LaBar issuing a challenge to him to a fight. He is talking to Aaron Maguire who’s on a land line (They’re in an office. I’ll let it slide.) and “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine. Vic is not worried about Matt Cross helping LaBar. He drops the fact that Fontaine has beaten him three straight times. Vic accepts the fight for next week. Vic says that neither of his guys will be at ring side so LaBar needs to leave Cross in the back. Maguire has a big announcement. He has hired Jeremy Madlocks who is Fontaine’s cousin. He is sporting a Rollie Fingers and talks that they’re great because of their mustaches.

Analysis: This was three different promos. Vic had the most time though and he did a good job. He faltered a bit in believeability for me. Maguire had the shortest of the promos. I had a problem with him saying the guys name. I have no idea if Madlocks is correct because I couldn’t understand it after listening to it three times. Jeremy had enough time but I’m not sure what to think of him highlighting the mustaches even more. Odd way to set up the character. Am I supposed to take him seriously? Is he a joker that no one laughs at? I’ll give him more time but not a good start. Score: 0.

Bobbinette Carey is taking on Jessica Havok. Carey is the Queen of Epicness. Maguire sold Carey as the best female wrestler out there. He ended a long list of compliments by saying that “When she was born, she did a kip up.” Maguire then bemoaned the fact that LaBar had actually signed Havoc. He did a good sell job for her too. Carey ducks a clothesline then does jumping jacks. She asks for a time out. Havoc kicks Carey three different ways. She knocked Carey out of the ring. Carey shoulder blocked Havoc in the gut coming back into the ring. Carey kicked Havoc who was on her knees. Carey bull dogged Havoc. Carey slammed Havoc’s head against the canvas.  Carey choked her on the middle rope. Carey got in a quarter assed neck breaker. Havoc kicked Carey in the side three time. Havoc gave Carey the Havoc Driver aka White Noise for the win.

Analysis: Jessica Havoc is an attractive woman in a cat suit. And she can wrestle pretty well from what I could tell. She was not working with much in this match. Another wait and see match as a whole though. Woman have been absent recently but I could use a match per taping so once a month. Score: +1.

Kirst came out in a blonde & blue wig wearing a red satin dress. “Mr. RBI” Isaiah Bonds was his opponent. Kirst is wrestling in the dress. He hit on Bonds. RBI then clotheslined Kirst twice. A drop kick by Bonds pushed Kirst outside the ring. Bonds sling shotted Kirst back into the ring. Kirst caught Bonds charging in. Kirst jumped off the top ropes but Bonds caught him then gave him a fall away slam. Kirst raked the eyes. Kirst gave Bonds a leg lariat. RBI gave Kirst a rolling clothes line. Kirst clothes lined Bonds. Kirst chopped RBI. Bonds reversed an Irish Whip into a corner then nailed a flying fore arm. RBI tackled Kirst. RBI straddled Kirst in the corner. Kirst turned it into a power bomb for the win. Gregory Iron makes the save. They sell RBI being injured.

Analysis: Good match. It made RBI look as good as he has for his duration with the company. He is an agile big guy who could use to lose some weight and a gimmick. Dude has potential under that. The new Kirst is an updated Goldust. Or the same old Goldust? Another chance giving moment. Score: +1.

They air the end of the Johnny Gargano vs Rhino match from last week. They focus on the Dead Wrestling Society attacking Rhino after the match. Rhino got a back stage promo after the match last week. He said that Gargano was the better man that night. Rhino said that their paths will cross again in Prime Wrestling because he intends to stick around. The Dead Wrestling Society attacked him. Krimson was suspended 30 days for orchestrating the attack on Rhino. Analysis: Not that they need an excuse to keep Rhino off TV, but it’s a way to explain his absence and Kirst’s. That could be a good match up if they can drag it out to Wrestlelution. Score: +1.

Benjamin Boone came out with “Amazing” N8 Mattson. Gregory Iron was his opponent. Iron fired away with some chops. Boone blocked an Irish Whip. Joe Dombrowski said that sources have told them that Zack Gowen was assaulted by the Sons of Michigan and that they also think footage has been taken of the event that they’re trying to acquire. Boone chased Iron around ring side. Iron kicked Boone while he tried to get back in the ring. Iron nailed a suicide dive. Iron fired away on Boone. Iron jumped off the ring apron but was caught by Boone. He rammed Iron into the ring post. Boone stomped away on Iron back in the ring. Boone only got a two count from a side slam. Iron caught Boone charging into the corner with aback elbow. Iron got crotched on the top rope. Iron blocked a superplex.  Iron was caught by Boone again. He gave Iron a fall away slam. Boone locked in a bear hug. Boone missed a charge into the corner. Iron chopped away on Boone. Iron gave Boone a double axe handle off the middle rope. Iron drops the big elbow from the top rope. Maguire slyly slides in an “Oh yeah”. Mattson held Iron’s foot. Boone side slammed Iron again. Boone splashed him for the win.

Analysis: Good match which is what I expect out of these two. They’ve worked together before and they have a great big man vs little man dynamic. Score: +1.

Final Score: 5/6. Final Analysis: With this episode, they’ve officially transitioned out of the Wrestlelution 5 fall out into the new season story lines. It’s a lot of waiting to see where everything goes now. They usually have a couple of story lines so that’s why I only went out on the Wrestlelution limb with Krimson versus Rhino. I can imagine him popping in every other taping or something of the sort so the feud would be easy to drag out. Good start to the real new season. -Kevin

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