Stunt Granny Conspiracy Audio Show #1: Paul is Dead

In the first of this series, Dusty and Eric talk about the Paul is Dead conspiracy, perhaps the most popular conspiracy theory of all time. Therein they talk about:

-the origins of the rumor

-the various clues the Beatles may have left behind in their music and photographs

-the apparent physical differences in Paul, before and after his supposed death

-the timeline of how things might have happened

-the splintering groups among conspiracy theorists as to what actually happened to Paul (Paul is dead vs Paul was replaced vs Paul is alive and always has been)

And a whole lot more, and it’ll only take an hour of your life, so give it a listen and form your own opinions!

If you wish to “research” this topic more, here are the message boards talked about in the audio. Paul is Dead: Paul was Replaced: Paul is Alive: And here is the Fool on the Hill promotional picture mentioned in the audio:

Stunt Granny Audio Conspiracy Show

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