The TV Discussion: The Walking Dead Mid Season Finale


Kevin:  I was eating peanuts so I didn’t want to get my keyboard greasy
Jeremy:  Dry roast those bastards!
Kevin:  You better believe it, Plus, they wouldn’t come out of the candy machine if they were boiled
Jeremy:  That would be quite the mess
Kevin:  Yes it would.  The interior of it is filled with peanut oil as is
Jeremy:  what nasty shit are you eating?
Kevin:  Peanuts
Jeremy:  What interior? How old are these things?
Kevin:  Since when did something other than peanuts have peanut oil?
Jeremy:  French fries dumb fuck
Kevin:  We were talking about peanuts coming out of a candy machine. How hard is the math genius?
Jeremy:  Math am hard. You caught Walking Dead right?
Kevin:  Yes I did.  Had to with it being the finale
Jeremy:  Alright, so on the topic of math, Tyreses’ woman needs to go . Subtract her ass. It amazes me how annoying they made her immediately. Until Tyrese comes in with the pimp hand and tells her basically to shut the fuck up.
Kevin:  I don’t think they’re capable of making a non-annoying woman. Michonne is barely above annoying.
Jeremy:  Maggie has been ok so far. Michonne sure turned needy last night. Guess almost getting your head handed to you does that?
Kevin:  It certainly should. At least she barely scrapped her way to a win. Most hard ass women would have owned the Governor.
Jeremy:  Was it a win though? She took his eye and his daughter but didn’t kill him liek she intended.

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Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live & Definitely Half Assed Review of @WWE #Raw


The babyfaces prominently figure into the review of Smackdown and Raw from last week. We’re off and running too with Kane & Daniel Bryan coming out to start the show. The Shield are in a luxury box. Kane gives the normal manhood challenge. The Shield does the normal heel tactic of standing around. The Prime Time Players are caught in the middle of another angle. They won’t get traction this way no matter how long you keep them together. Dean Ambrose is left alone a short time into the match. Mitchell Cool is slowly going back to heel mode which is better than his previous incarnation. At least the WWE is smart enough to have security with The Shield.

The Shield keeps moving closer to the ring after the break. The big story is on the outside which brings me to the point above. Lawler was trying to sell them the whole match. Daniel Bryan with the cheap roll up win after near interference. The Shield is snuffing out some injustice. I’m trying to sell my girl on The Shield snuffing out the injustice of being an undeserving, character driven wrestler or tandem. John Cena & Sheamus have witty banter. I’m glad Sheamus has retired the Irish stories for the most part. He finishes strong.

“This man again?” pipes up the girl when they introduce Tamina. She is giving AJ Lee a lesson way too early for this feud. Of course AJ gets the cheap roll up win because the women aren’t worth a full on, to a pay per view feud. They officially get squashed when CM Punk almost immediately shows up.

Paul Heyman does all of the talking. He stole the Mount Rushmore gimmick from us. CM Punk is telling some tall tales. He denies alliance with Brad Maddox and The Shield. He asks people to leave the arena. Oh no, Jeremy warned me about this. The Miz is in a no win situation. He needs to get rid of the “Really?” crutch. Punk throwing down the proverbial punk card. The Miz wants him on his show for a lie detector test. Really? Pipe Bonn? You really screwed the pooch, Mike. The Miz must have been on Law & Order as an assistant DA.

John Cena & Sheamus come out to start the 9 PM hour. Should I compliment Cena on finally using black and gold? I’m liking Sheamus’s new shirt. Not the best thing but I’ve seen worse. The Big Show & Dolph Ziggler come down in time to have a slow start to a match before a commercial break at about 9:03. The opposites attract for the in ring work. Baby Momma Drama & The Girl try to team up on me about Dolph Ziggler and Kent State. John Cena gets the hot tag against Ziggler. Wow, another clean win for Cena over Ziggler. What the fuck are they doing with my boy? Shit or get off the pot with him. Why does he even have that brief case? Dear lord, they give The Miz more time but with his old show introduction.

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Kevin’s Blog: What #SippyTimeBeer I Had This Weekend


We’re trying to branch out here at Stunt Granny so I figured it would be fun to add any of the funky Sippy Time Beers. I bought myself and my girl a Pick a Six down at Kenny Road Market. She wanted some Strongbow because she thought the Harpoon Cider we bought last week was too tart. As soon as I got into the store, I noticed the six pack holder for O’Fallon Cherry Chocolate Beer. No matter how ridiculous or untasty a beer may sound, I’m always interested in trying it. The interest did not disappoint. The taste was more chocolate than cherry. The cherry was more of an after taste much like when I get hints of chocolate from a stout like the Rogue Ale‘s Chocolate Stout. The weird part definitely came in because the after taste also has the wheat of the beer. I love beer. I love chocolate. I don’t lover beer with this much chocolate. It was worth trying but it’s not worth recommending, much like wrestling. If you want to catch the beers I drink, follow me on Twitter and Instagram @difrango11. If you don’t catch me there, it’ll be on here sooner rather than later. -Kevin

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