Kevin’s Blog: What #SippyTimeBeer I Had This Weekend


We’re trying to branch out here at Stunt Granny so I figured it would be fun to add any of the funky Sippy Time Beers. I bought myself and my girl a Pick a Six down at Kenny Road Market. She wanted some Strongbow because she thought the Harpoon Cider we bought last week was too tart. As soon as I got into the store, I noticed the six pack holder for O’Fallon Cherry Chocolate Beer. No matter how ridiculous or untasty a beer may sound, I’m always interested in trying it. The interest did not disappoint. The taste was more chocolate than cherry. The cherry was more of an after taste much like when I get hints of chocolate from a stout like the Rogue Ale‘s Chocolate Stout. The weird part definitely came in because the after taste also has the wheat of the beer. I love beer. I love chocolate. I don’t lover beer with this much chocolate. It was worth trying but it’s not worth recommending, much like wrestling. If you want to catch the beers I drink, follow me on Twitter and Instagram @difrango11. If you don’t catch me there, it’ll be on here sooner rather than later. -Kevin


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