The TV Discussion: The Walking Dead Mid Season Finale


Kevin:  I was eating peanuts so I didn’t want to get my keyboard greasy
Jeremy:  Dry roast those bastards!
Kevin:  You better believe it, Plus, they wouldn’t come out of the candy machine if they were boiled
Jeremy:  That would be quite the mess
Kevin:  Yes it would.  The interior of it is filled with peanut oil as is
Jeremy:  what nasty shit are you eating?
Kevin:  Peanuts
Jeremy:  What interior? How old are these things?
Kevin:  Since when did something other than peanuts have peanut oil?
Jeremy:  French fries dumb fuck
Kevin:  We were talking about peanuts coming out of a candy machine. How hard is the math genius?
Jeremy:  Math am hard. You caught Walking Dead right?
Kevin:  Yes I did.  Had to with it being the finale
Jeremy:  Alright, so on the topic of math, Tyreses’ woman needs to go . Subtract her ass. It amazes me how annoying they made her immediately. Until Tyrese comes in with the pimp hand and tells her basically to shut the fuck up.
Kevin:  I don’t think they’re capable of making a non-annoying woman. Michonne is barely above annoying.
Jeremy:  Maggie has been ok so far. Michonne sure turned needy last night. Guess almost getting your head handed to you does that?
Kevin:  It certainly should. At least she barely scrapped her way to a win. Most hard ass women would have owned the Governor.
Jeremy:  Was it a win though? She took his eye and his daughter but didn’t kill him liek she intended.

Kevin:  So it wasn’t a win so much as a draw.
Jeremy:  I can go with that. She was almost a victim of badassery gone wrong.
Kevin:  Maybe she thinks Andrea will cease being a ding bat after seeing the carnage and come back to her for some loving?
Jeremy:  How intense was that image of her pulling up a chair, unsheathing the sword and waiting?
Kevin:  One of the better scenes in the show
Jeremy:  Then they turn her in to nosey bitch and ruin the moment. I did quite enjoy the offing of Penny for two reasons. One:  her name is Penny, she has to go. Two:  it was a surprise. She didn’t use her as fodder to escape. She punctured that undead chick and wanted to scrap.
Kevin:  I figured she was going after her to start since she’d heard the noise back when she was in his office the first time around
Jeremy:  Forgot about. I was waiting for a dick move and have her lop off her head and then run. It may have been out of character I suppose but would have been funny because really, fuck The Governor. David Morrisey has just nailed that character. He goes from compassionate to disgusting in a blink.
Kevin:  He’s flipping that switch but I’m not buying what he’s selling in either direction
Jeremy:  he has done a job going between protector and dictator, which I guess is what the great tyrants have done in history. Yes, I am equating him to great tyrants
Kevin:  They are positioning him in that type of a role
Jeremy:  yeah, he manipulated his own people. Called Ricks group terrorists.
Kevin:  They haven’t dwelled on his evilness a lot even if they mentioned the national guards being shot when they 1st went to Woodbury
Jeremy:  Not having read the comic I figure he is different but the tv character is charming and devilish. His reaction to seeing his kid in peril was great.
Kevin:  He was pretty freaked out as he should have been. Dude still combs her hair like a freak
Jeremy:  Yeah the first clump of hair in the brush is not an indication of fleas jackass. She is a zombie.
What you make of the ending? The Governor gives his speech and then sells Merle down the river.
He needed to stay in power and Merle was a perfect scapegoat
Kevin:  Both Rick and The Governor should have known Merle & Daryl were more loyal to each other.
Jeremy:  But Merle didn’t do anything? Are you saying The Governor thinks Merle did this on purpose?
Kevin:  He said he killed Michonne to The Governor. He clearly didn’t.
Jeremy:  I thought he changed his story? Said she got in to a bunch of biters?
Kevin:  He might have but Merle’s brother being in the “terrorist” group is another reason he’s a good scapegoat
Jeremy:  Oh the reasoning is easy. I just assumed by the line about reuniting with his brother he was being a jerk. When is Andrea going to wake up? It is getting a bit annoying. She sees Daryl, she has to realize who it was in Woodbury.
Kevin:  She looked like an even bigger idiot. Another reason I don’t think they do a good job with the women.
Jeremy:  The only woman worth anything is Maggie and her sister, Carl’s potential piece of ass. Good ole what’s her name.
Kevin:  That was getting a little weird.  I don’t need to see an 8 year old hit on an 11 year old.
Jeremy:  Didn’t she say she was 17?
Kevin:  When she was talking to Creepy McInmate, Axel? Maybe she did? My cable gacked up in that spot.
Jeremy:  Ok, I think she said seventeen and that is when Carol got involved. You know, the lesbian.  His logic was outstanding. ” You got short hair.”
Kevin:  I’m glad when they play people stupid. Not everyone on TV should be brain surgeon level.
Jeremy:  Yes but on Walking Dead clueless means fodder.   Oh and did you notice they upgraded black guys again?
Kevin:  Until they kill them again or don’t invest any more time in their character development
Jeremy:  Apparently Tyrese is a character from the comics so he may be around a while. He showed a certain sense of idiocy though. Carl offers a bullet to the head but nah, he has a hammer.
Jeremy:  Harcore but stupid.
Kevin:  It keeps with the group dynamic that everyone seems to associate with no matter what group
Jeremy:  One thing about that new group was the introduction. Tyrese swinging a ball pin hammer on heads. established he knows his business.
Kevin:  Except when to ditch someone who is bit. I got to drag her extra couple of hundred feet. It made me feel closer to her when she died.  And I whacked her with said hammer.
Jeremy:  Well it is Walking Dead, there has to be a logic gaffe somewhere.  What was with Shane showing up as a figment of Rock’s imagination? I meant  Rick, damn Freudian wrestling slip.
Kevin:  The Rock showing up in that seen would have made almost as much sense.  If he was still having delusions from Lori dying, I would have been fine with that moment.
Jeremy:  Although the way Rick dealt with him was fantastic. Shakes head, shoots him in the cheek. Lori with a beard and a shotgun? I would have been fine with that. Would have been the only interesting thing she did in the series.
Kevin:  Getting shot in the head after giving birth was the other interesting thing she did.
Jeremy:   Not before being gutted. So guess have to give her that much. I suppose we need to discuss Daryl and the acting chops of Norman Reedus. He gets credited with being a badass character and to me, the most popular. Last night though he was brilliant.
Jeremy:  It seems to be going unnoticed. he was so understated but his reaction to Merle and Rick last night.
Kevin:  That’s why I referenced the first Boondock Saints.  He was the only guy that to me came in with any level of known quantity
Jeremy:  It has been so long since I have seen that. His reactions ranged from hurt, conflicted to resolute in one motion. I was in shock how easy he made it look.  Then at the end he looked and slumped in a fashion that he was scared. He has been so confident seeing him in peril was a shock.  He made the situation believable.
Kevin:  I hope he gets out of that situation because of reactions like that. No one except for Rick seems to be in peril though.  Hold on that sentence sucked, everyone is in peril except Rick.
Jeremy:  Ok thanks you for the clarification because you were about to get railed. So you didn’t see the preview for the upcoming half season?
Kevin:  I did catch the previews at the end of show.
Jeremy:  Nice of them to ruin any suspense.  AMC sucks for that.
Kevin:  But I didn’t think I saw much aside from Carl being a kid that needs to be pimp slapped
Jeremy:  Good then do not go back and watch and we will end this here.
Kevin:  Good deal.  I’ll be ready for February.  Actually, I’m geeked for Justified
Jeremy:  Justified? Um yeah totally but that is for another discussion.


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  1. Good discussion on one of the best shows on tv right now. love how you guys talk about wrestling and other things as well. andrea has to go. she is the dale of this season.

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