(Smackdown spoiler, stop reading) Randy Orton injury angle gives fragile underachiever more time off

This look about sums it up.

This look about sums it up.

According to Prowrestling.net, this Tuesday’s WWE Smackdown taping featured an injury angle with Randy Orton being put through a table by the Shield. The angle is playing up a “separated shoulder” and “concussion,” the latter of which only adds to Orton’s disinterested, glossed-over, Gen-Y, emotionless facial “expressions.”

The angle is to cover for a legitimate injury Orton sustained at the WWE Tribute to the Troops tapings last week. Jesus, who is this guy, Kurt Angle Kevin Nash? Every time you turn around, Orton has a concussion or banged-up knee or a pill in his mouth (oops). He’s spent less time on TV in the past six months than Alicia Fox, and quite frankly, Alicia has been more entertaining.

What would be accomplished if WWE, as Dusty says, cut ties with this piece of garbage? Well, WWE will have divested itself of a long-term contract that isn’t paying off; WWE would be enticing TNA to shell out gobs of money in exchange for a half-assed talent who won’t draw or elevate the brand; and WWE would be forced to push a new main event babyface from the large pool of undeniable midcard tal… ent… wait. -Eric


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  1. I miss the good old days of wrestling :).

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