New TNA Jeff Hardy album isn’t released, it escaped!

Jeff Hardy -


According to, TNA mega-super-duperstar Jeff Hardy has released his debut album, “Similar Creatures,” on the TNA Knockout Music label. (Wow, really TNA? A record label? I know WWE has one too, but I assure you this was a money-making strategy and not another example of a presidential hairbrush handle in the cooch.) For those of you who haven’t heard Mumbly Jeff Hardy’s post-grunge flounderings in the past, waste your own time Googling it, I’m at work right now. But I assure you, the same kids who run around their backyards like Day-Glo mongoloids in their Jeff Hardy T-shirts and wristbands are going to listen to this and cringe. And keep in mind, they eat paste. -Eric

More @WWE Overboard Advertising

Northern Trident 2009

The WWE is back at it with the 90% off deals for a three day sale that ends on the 15th. Here’s the new list of items that are actually 10% of their original value.

John Cena Green Foam Hand – The hole between the fore finger and thumb is barely large enough to fit my penis thru it and it’ll act like a cum towel. Anytime you can get a two for one present, you need to jump on it. You can buy it for $1.49.

WWE Zombies Reusable Bag – Do you want to make sure that you save the planet until the zombie apocalypse? You can even still use the tote bag after the zombies rise by carrying rations and even zombie repellant. Ya know,  like their own entrails and mushed brains.  You can also buy this for just $1.49.

WWE 12 Strategy Guide – Was your mom too cheap to buy Nintendo Power so that you could cheat your way to the top when you were a child? Get back at her now by buying a strategy guide for WWE 12. The game only came out on the 22nd of November 2011. It’s a timely gift for someone who’s been playing the game for a year and a month. At least it only costs $1.99.

The WWE is really generous with their 90% off deals. That makes five total items that they’ve offered for 90% off this holiday season so far. -Kevin

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