Stunt Granny Audio Show #212


You ever wonder what a year in review show sounds like when the year sucked badly? Is this the worst year ever for wrestling? What does the NFL have to do with it anyway? Why the hell do you fire a coach that goes 10-6 in the regular season? Does the head coach of a team really even matter? Was WrestleMania 11 the worst ever or has it been replaced by this years tepid effort? What the hell was that Christmas edition of RAW? Do children even find that moronic crap entertaining? There is more, oh boy there is more so download and check it out.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #212

Hulk Hogan = Guy Fieri?


According to (by way of which has way more information) Hulk Hogan opened up a restaurant on New Year’s Eve in the city of Tampa. Hogan’s Beach started with a masquerade party since Hogan was clearly inspired by Eyes Wide Shut with his the outing of his sex tape. Considering that this complex is 20,000 square foot, he’ll have plenty of spaces to record his sexual exploits without someone squeezing him for money. This place is should be just as classy as the one Tom Cruise attended because there will be a mechanical shark you can ride and a white sand beach. I’m sure Hulk will oil down Brooke’s ass on the beach again but this time while Bully Ray looks on in approval. Hogan has 360 seats in this restaurant. Each of the seats is covered in leather tanned just to the right shade of Hogan’s skin so that it can be properly branded. He has already pitched a reality show based on his restaurant to CMT. I’m sure that’ll be a great way to keep your bare ass off of TV while you’re pounded the hot waitress that looks like a man just like your ex-wife and current wife. -Kevin

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