#SippyTimeBeer Review

Indigo Three Philosphers Schlitz

Brewery OmmegangThree Philosophers True Belgian Quadrupel – The tag line on the beer is 98% ale – 2% ale with cherries added. That last 2% hits you as an aftertaste which is just enough. The other 98% is a crisp ale that is extremely smooth. You’re supposed to contemplate this beer but the only thing I contemplated was whether to order another one after finishing it so quickly. This beer is brewed in Cooperstown, NY. Check out the site link to see where you can get this beer in your area. Here’s the review on TheFullPint.com.

The Indigo Imp Brewery – Blonde Bombshell – This beer was along the same line as Three Philosophers. It’s an extremely smooth beer with just a hint of fruit (my guess would be a citrus like orange or lemon) although I’m not sure I detected the nutty aftertaste they claim on their site. It was another beer I could have ordered another one but likely would have ended face down on the bar after a long Christmas Day. This beer is brewed in Cleveland, OH and is only available in the state. Let me know when you visit and I’ll make sure we can purchase this beer.

Schlitz – For those who might think I’m a beer snob, I submit the beer I had right before the Blonde Bombshell, Schlitz. Nothing says “You might also be a hipster on top of being a beer snob you douche.” than a Schlitz. Well, maybe Pabst Blue Ribbon would. -Kevin

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