Clutch finally releases a finished version of Earth Rocker. Joy abounds.


If you listen to any of our Podcasts going back to the ProWrestling Torch days you will know I have a very few loves in this long life. In no particular order they are Michigan sports, movies, G.I. Joe and Beer. There is however one love that far surpasses anything else and no it isn’t family. I mean it should be but whatever.  This love is my absolute obsession with the band, cough, excuse me, the world’s greatest band Clutch.

2009’s “Strange Cousins from the West” release is a solid album and it is one I listen to over and over but it was absent the slick grooves and riffs of its predecessors. Then again with a catalog of nothing but greatness if your one slip is a B instead of solid A’s you take the punches. Judging by the first single released on the interwebs yesterday it seems that they are right back on the A+ wagon.

Brooklyn Vegan has an interview with Tim Sult, lead guitarist for Clutch, and in the middle of the interview is the solid gold drop. After countless youtube live videos taken with a phone and hearing the new material live Clutch fans finally get the studio version of “Earth Rocker” and, well you get the point already, it doesn’t disappoint.

The new album “Earth Rocker” comes courtesy of Clutch and the producer of their two greatest releases “Pure Rock Fury” and “Blast Tyrant”, Machine.  “Pure Rock Fury” being what I like to refer to as a dirty album while “Blast Tyrant” is just a masterpiece of craftsmanship. So with expectations really unreasonably high I can, without an ounce of shame, admit that this song gave me chills and even made me tear up a bit.

The slow build of Tim Sults’ guitar, Dan Maines’ bass and Jean-Paul Gasters’ crisp cymbal taps immediately grab your attention and leave no mistake what band you are listening to. When Neil Fallon’s vocals take over, literally his voice sounds much more upfront than the music; you are on a three minute and thirty one second joyride. So sit back, listen to this over and over until March 12. It is what I have been doing since yesterday. -Jeremy

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