#PrimeWrestling – Season 6 – Episode 7

I don’t normally do this but there are times to make exceptions. If nothing else, go to the main event and listen to the commentary. Aaron Maguire kills it while Joe Dombrowski plays his part well. On with the review.

Gory came out to start the show. Louis Lyndon was his opponent. Gory attacked Lynden from behind as he tried to pump up the crowd. Action went back and forth. Lyden took Gory over with head scissors. Gory rolled out of the ring after a spinning heel kick. Lynden got pulled to the outside. Gory dropped him over the guardrail. Gory locked in a reverse chin lock. Joe Dombrowski was describing Gory as sadistic while this move was going on. Bad timing on his part. Lynden reverse thrust kicked Gory. A jaw jacker by Gory got him back on track. A neck breaker only got Gory a two count. Gory climbed the ropes to jump on Lyndon’s back and bite his head. Gory gave him the thru the ropes clothesline. Sling shot knees by Gory only kept Lyndon down for two. Lynden punched and kicked away. Bicycle kick followed by a Sick Kick got Lynden a two count. Lynden caught Gory with a boot as he charged into the corner. Lynden got pushed off the top ropes. Gory followed with a double stomp for the win.

Analysis: Good match. Both guys did their part. Despite Dombrowski’s bad timing, he and Aaron Maguire did a good job of noting Gory’s real sadistic acts and pumping up Lyndon so that it looked like a hard fought win. Score: +1.

Prime Wrestling shows an add for an iPPV Saturday February 16th called Pressure Rising. I’ll have to check my schedule. Dombrowski & Maguire send us to some secret footage. Jason Bane was laid out in a parking lot. A car sped off just as Justin LaBar found him. Analysis: There are times that make me think anyone could act. This time wasn’t one of them. Score: -1.

Marion Fontaine, Vic Travagliante, Jeremy Madrox and Ricky Shane Page were at a bar. Vic takes the lead. He brags about being an undefeated and that he’ll outsmart Justin LaBar no matter what idea he comes up with. Page was next. He was not sorry about knocking out Jason Bane in the parking lot. BOMB – Brotherhood of Mustached Brawlers will be a tag team comprised of Marion Fontaine & Jeremy Madrox. Vic accepts the match on the condition that Justin LaBar steps down if they win. If LaBar’s team wins, Vic will leave Prime Wrestling. Analysis: Vic nailed it with his asshole mode. Ricky Shane Page doesn’t strike me as off his rocker scary. More like, I have sympathy for a scary mentally handicapped person. We know those people like shiny objects, but holding a large nail doesn’t make you seem crazy. I love the idea of moving Fontaine away from the Prime Title picture and having him in a tag team. Makes that division reappear for this company. Score: +1.

Jay Flash came out. He was attacked from behind by Kid Hybrid. Flash turns it around. Flash nails a basement drop kick. An arm drag took Hybrid to the outside. Hybrid caught him with a clothesline when he slid outside the ring. Hybrid back crackered Flash. He turn it into a cattle mutilation variation. Hybrid caught the third kick from Flash. Hybrid charged in but Flash back dropped him into the turn buckles. Flash dropped him with a urinogi. Flash went up top and cannon balled Hybrid. Flash got the three count. Rhino came in thru the crowd and gored Flash. He did the same to Hybrid when he got up. Rhino said he doesn’t respect Krimson for jumping him from behind. Rhino said he wants revenge.

Analysis: This is two segments. The Flash and Hybrid match was good. Hybrid is a larger guy for Prime but he moves well. Flash uses his speed and athleticism well. Score: +1. Rhino did what Rhino does. Both guys took the Gore like champs. Score: +1.

Korey interviewed Bobby Shields. He asked about the blatant low blow against Matt Mason. Shields said he was in complete control. He said he has nothing left to lose. Prime Wrestling hasn’t seen what he can become. Shields is going to send a message to Mason and everyone in Prime. Analysis: Good stuff from Sheilds. He got much better in the ring after going to Taz’s school. Good to see him get a chance on his own and hopefully to move up the card. Score: +1.

Nicki Valentino said that Bobby Shields and Matt Mason have a match next week. He said he won’t be there. Valentino will reveal something maybe next week. His presence will be felt. Johnny Gargano answered the questions of why he hasn’t been around. Gargano said he has been traveling around the world to promote this company. He said he respects Rhino. Gargano doesn’t respect Krimson or the Dead Wrestling Society. He asked management to raise his suspension. Gargano will defend his belt against Krimson at Pressure Rising. Gory jumped him and slapped on his over the mouth submission hold. Gory said that Gargano needed to go thru him first before getting to Krimson. He said he’d held a title captive before. He said that in two weeks, Gargano’s dream dies too. Analysis: This was  three parter. Valentino just doesn’t do it for me in this mode. I love him in his I hate Chris Van Vliet mode even if I don’t like the logic of his hatred. Score: 0. Gargano cuts a good promo consistently. This one was no different. Score: +1. Gory’s voice always seems put on and his size isn’t scary and his look though Gothed up, doesn’t scare me either. Score: -1.

The Sons of Michigan, “Amazing” N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone, came out first. Zack Gowen & Gregory Iron, the Handicapped Hand Guns, came out second. Iron grabbed the mic and said that they needed to do something before the match. They introduced Jill Dials who supported the Hand Guns. She wanted to be like Queen Elizabeth so they invite her to valet for them tonight. They go to commercial. Analysis: Incredibly nice. I’m laughing though. The thoughts running thru my head are wrong. Moving along.

The match is for the number one contendership for the tag team titles. Maguire runs her down for not being a professional manager. Maguire wonders who feels good about this segment. (Fucking hilarious.) Gowen misses a middle ropes drop kick. Boone misses an elbow drop. Gowen shoulder blocked Boone in the gut. Boone pulls him out of a sunset flip but loses him from the power slam position. Gowen rolled up Boone. Maguire claimed Jill Dials was holding the tights. Boone missed a splash on Iron. He sentons Boone. Iron spring board back elbow’s him. Boone clubbed Iron. Face breaker by Iron. The Hand Guns get the Sons to regroup on the outside. Mattson wanted Iron tagged in. Iron chops Mattson. Iron got caught with a flying reverse back elbow but Mattson showed of the Michigan hand sign to Boone. It allowed Gowen to tag in. Gowen back elbowed Mattson. Gowen missed a middle rope leg drop. Boone started pounding away on Gowen. Iron saved Gowen froma  suplex. Boone charged them, they dodged and he went over the top rope. Mattson met the same fate. The Sons had a meeting of the minds. Handicapped Parking by Iron. Mattson knocked Gowen off the top ropes. Mattson pulled out a foreign object and clocked Iron with it. Mattson got the three count. Jill and the fans tell the ref about the object. The ref found the object. Maguire called it a Made In America object. The ref restarts the match. Mattson gave Gowen a fisherman’s buster. Boone splashed Gowen. He kicked out. Mattson swung Gowen into a back drop. Still only a two count. Iron got the hot tag. Iron gave Mattson a thru the ropes clothesline.  Boone locked in a full nelson. Iron broke free so Mattson high kneed Boone. Iron wen tot the top. A cross body got Iron two. Gowen nailed a moonsault. They both pinned Mattson.

Analysis: The outcome makes sense. Madrox & Fontaine can’t take on the Dead Wrestling Society. The Hand Guns are the only ones who can wrestle the Sons too. Damn, didn’t realize how heel heavy this division was until typing that. They need one more baby face team. I can’t think of another. I could be wrong. Whatever. Good match. Everyone did their work well. Score: +1.

Final Score: 5/10. Final Analysis: Not the best episode that was redeemed by Aaron Maguire during the main event. He was brilliant. I enjoy him all the time but he really nailed this part. This episode reminds me of Jim Ross saying to do your best with your time. The promos were all fairly short and a lot of people didn’t do a whole lot with their time. All three matches were good so they weren’t the problem. It’s good that they started hyping Pressure Rising for mid-February but I think it’s a terrible idea to air your new episode two days before Christmas. Good thing I have a DVR. -Kevin

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