#SippyTimeBeer Review – 3rd Annual #Cbus Winter Beerfest

I went to the 3rd Annual Columbus Winter Beerfest on Saturday. It was the first time I’ve attended the event. I went with my girl and my neighbors. We paid for the VIP entrance an hour early at 6:30 PM and it lasted until 11:00 PM. We got a set of twenty five tickets, one for each beer that you could taste. Many of the vendors didn’t care if you gave them one or not. The samples were supposed to be 5 ounces but most of the vendors topped you off to about 8 ounces. In no way am I capable any more of drinking that much. I got around to twelve samples. Here’s the list.

Weasel Boy BrewingBarrel Aged Brown Stoat Cherry Stout – I started off the night with a local beer from Zanesville, OH. It was a wise choice as it was quite good. It had nice head and was as thick as expected out of a stout. The cherry kicked in as an aftertaste. I think it matches well with a stout. It was one of my favorites of the night.

Victory Brewing CompanyRed Thunder – This beer was served to VIPs only. It became a mission to try as many VIP only beers as possible in our hour head start. It wasn’t as much of a help though because a majority of the crowd pitched in the extra $10 for the the extra hour. This beer was served out of a double deuce bottle that was chilled on ice. They don’t have this beer on their website so it was an exclusive. It tasted like a red amber. A big bounce back from the Prima Pils.

Six Point BrewingResin – I’m not much of an India Pale Ale fan. The heavy dose of hops is not my favorite taste. This IPA is very tasty. The hops was kept to the minimum considering the type of beer. They’re out of Brooklyn, New York.

Kona Brewing CompanyBig Wave Golden Ale – This beer was very crisp and refreshing. This one would be my other favorite beer of the night. Outstandingly smooth. They’re out of Kona, Hawaii so I won’t be able to get this one too often. That’s too bad.

Green Flash BrewingSaison Diego – I was told this was “some type of Belgian Blonde” by the woman working the counter. On the beer map, it was called Grand Cru but it is definitely not that. I’m guessing that it is the Saison Deigo because of the slight fruit note at the end with a summer ale feel. As can be implied by the name, they’re out of San Diego, CA.

North Peak Brewing CompanySiren Amber Ale – This beer got the thirty two second video review above. It was very tasty with some spice kick at the end. I did this review just in time because things started to get ugly soon there after. My presentation could have been better. As I do more of them, hopefully they’ll get better. I hope not to tell my camera woman when to cut next time. They’re out of Traverse City, MI.

Boulder BeerA Honey of a Saison – This beer delivered on the honey. It was almost sweet enough to taste like a meade, which is a honey wine. It was refreshing and a bit fruity though I couldn’t place what type of fruit it was. They’re out of Boulder, CO. Go figure.

Buckeye Lake BreweryOatmeal Stout – I intentionally didn’t try local brews that I can get easily in the bars or in a growler. Zauber & Four Strings are two that I skipped. This one from nearby Buckeye Lake. I had not heard of them before so I gave them a try. It was again good. It reminds me of Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout which is a good thing.

Cellar Dweller BreweryLookout Stout – This was another local beer from Morrow OH that I haven’t had the chance to try before. Nothing special involved with this stout but it was still good. This was another point in the night where the good beers start to blend together. Keeping notes helped sort all of it out though.

Frankenmuth BrewingPilsner – My taste buds were on overload so I went with a lighter beer. It was solid and served it’s purpose as more of a palate cleanser.

Uinta BrewingSea Legs Porter Aged in Bourbon Barrels – This beer is not even on their list. It was another good stout. I didn’t taste much of the bourbon in the beer. This company is from Salt Lake City. I wanted to hit another couple of brewers that I wouldn’t typically get to try. These guys fit the bill with a good beer.

Oskar Blues BreweryMama’s Little Yella Pils – This was my last beer of the night. I was going for another beer that was light in the taste department. I slammed it back because they started shutting down banks of lights. Like the other pilsner, it was clean and crisp. A good way to end the night. This company is based out of Longmont, Colorado. I don’t remember trying these guys when visiting my younger brother in Denver or at the Great American Beer Festival.


This is the only beer picture I took. It’s the Weasel Boy Barrel Aged Brown Stoat Cherry Stout.

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