#PrimeWrestling – Season 6 – Episode 8

Bobby Shields comes to the ring. (I’ll try not to fuck your name up two shows running.) Matt Mason is his opponent. Joe Dombrowski reminded us of a DQ win by Mason last month. Shields pounced on Mason early. Mason goes for some early covers. Shields give Mason the old trick knee low blow. Mason went to the outside. Shields dropped two knees and missed a third. Shields kneed Mason in the gut. Two charges were met with a back elbow and a boot. Mason got tied up in the Tree of Woe. Shields with a basement drop kick. Mason went for an inverted Samoa Drop. Shields recovered quickly. Mason low bridged Shields. Mason gave Shields a clothesline, back elbow and Sky High. Mason gave the ref a flying forearm after Shields dodged it. Shields took advantage of a concerned Mason. Shields grabbed a chain and clocked Mason. He kicked out at two. Mason rolled to the outside. Mason got a loaded fanny pack too. Mason gave Shields a modified GTS for the win.

Analysis: The match itself was good. I’m confused by the outcome though. The baby face uses a chain to win when it isn’t against a hated rival. It doesn’t make anyone look good. Score: 0.

They show highlights of Hobo Joe being put out of wrestling by the Dead Wrestling Society.

Rickey Shane Page came to the ring with Vic Travagliante. Aiden Veil was his opponent who hailed from “The Stage” and came to the ring with drum sticks. (I’m trying not to vomit.) Page assaulted Veil before the bell rang. Page tossed Veil in the air and kicked him in the side. Death Valley Driver by Page led to him talking to Vic. Page dominated the match even longer. Belly to back suplex by Page got a two count. Page locked in a Texas Clover Leaf. Veil got to the ropes to break it. Page no sold Veil’s offense. Veil gave Page a DDT to finally sell. Veil dropped double knees on him. Page nailed the Roaring Elbow for the win. Page attacked Veil after the match. Vic had to slap him to stop the assault.

Analysis: Solid match that continues to build up a monster in Page. The matches have been the same formula with a no sold comeback for the baby face. I’m not sure why both baby faces got out of a Texas Clover Leaf. How strong can this big, bad heel be? I’d like to see a flat out squash. Score: +1.

They showed highlights of the Handicapped Hand Guns from the last episode. Gregory Iron and Zack Gowen were excited about not having to deal with the Sons of Michigan any more. They are excited about being the number one contender’s for the tag titles. Gowen said they had loftier goals but he needed to apologize to Iron for their past ugliness. Iron has never forgotten about the concussion they gave him that kept him out of action. Gowen wondered away. Iron thought he saw Hobo Joe. It was Kirst dressed like Joe. Krimson jumped him. Gowen made the save quickly. Analysis: Dumb baby faces separating for no good reason. It helps set the main event though. Simple promo but well delivered. Score: +1.

Matt Cross talked about the Megalomaniacs were running wild. Cross always wants to take a risk. He said that this risk will not see him back down. Cross said they accepted the challenge. Analysis: Another short and effective promo. Score: +1.

Krimson came down to the ring with Kirst. Gregory Iron did like wise with Gowen. Iron charged the ring and attacked. He nailed a back hand spring elbow. Krimson turned it around the in the corner with his size and power advantage. Iron chopped away on Krimson. Iron went face first into the middle turn buckle. Krimson gave him a running knee in the back of the head. Krimson stomped on Iron. Krimson got two after a clothesline. Kirst & Krimson choked Iron. A number of quick pinning  predictions by Iron. Krimson kept the offense going. Krimson locked on a nerve hold. Iron tried to fight back. Iron gave a jumping Crimson a Code Breaker. Handicapped Parking by Iron didn’t get him much because Kirst pulled the ref out of the ring. Gowen whacked Kirst with his cane. The ref admonished Gowen. Krimson spit mist in Iron’s eyes while the ref was distracted. Witch’s Wheel by Krimson got him a win.

Analysis: Good match. You need to have the heels win the first match. Plus, Krimson’s the bigger guy. Score: +1.

Johnny Gargano talked about Krimson’s suspension. He’s glad Krimson is back to since he’s back from his tour of Japan. He said he’s ready to show what he does to people like him who just like to pick the bones. Gargano said he’s wrestling Jason Gory next week. Gargano is ready to make a statement. Analysis: Solid stuff. Weird having a promo finish out the show. Score: +1.

Final Score: 5/6. Final Analysis: This made up for the last episode. The ending of the opening match was the only questionable event. Good stuff. -Kevin

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