I Still Don’t Like NHL Owners


Because I’m a personal seat license (PSL) holder for the Columbus Blue Jackets, I have been getting e-bombed immediatly after the signing of the new collective bargaining agreement just past midnight last Sunday. I paid $100 to be a PSL holder and the license is spread over my two seats at half a season each. Prior to now, being a PSL holder has given me some great opportunities to buy tickets to concerts and events earlier and cheaper than normal. At this moment though, it’s only reinforced my hate for NHL owners.

The first thing they did was apologize for omitting half of a season. Nothing specialized in there about the Jackets losing the All Star game and trying to regain it. That event was the only reason I upgraded from a quarter of a season package to a half season package and got the PSL. I know they can’t guarantee it coming back because it’s a decision from the NHL but they need to promise that they will try as hard as possible to bring the game back. It’s the only way I continue to get the PSL and half season package. It’s too much money.

The second thing they did was promise that they have upgraded their team in the off season. If you go to ESPN, check out their transactions. Their idea of upgrading is trading Rick Nash to the New York Rangers for Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov and Tim Erixon. The upside to this trade is that they upgraded more than one line which is necessary. The downside is that they traded away the only superstar that has ever existed for the Jackets. Their other highlight is pulling in John Davidson as President of Hockey Operations. It’ll be good to have a baby sitter for (incompetent) GM Scott Howson but that won’t make up for a decade of bad drafts and worse trades under all of their GMs. There is still a long road for any GM to recover from this predicament.

The third thing in this group of emails was the generous discounts that they offered us. These offers are why I hate the NHL owners still. I was granted two free tickets because I have two tickets in my package. I get two free tickets for any game. That was a good start, give your most valuable fans free stuff. Then came the offers that lined the owners pockets. Between now and the end of the month, we are given 25% off of merchandise. My proposal: Have fun with the Lockout and make the offer good for 113 days, the same length as it. This is a money grab so that the owners can make up money they lost during the Lockout. Buy our merchandise cheap in two weeks to help make up for the deficit.

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