#PrimeWrestling – Season 6 – Episode 9

YouTube-blockedFor some reason, this episode is not on YouTube yet. It’s been more than a week. They usually post it the Tuesday after it airs. Oh well, I’ll replace that picture as soon as I see it posted.

Kirst comes out dressed like Hobo Joe again. He is accompanied by Krimson. Matt Cross was his opponent. Kirst jumped him while he played to the crowd. Cross arm dragged him a couple of times. Cross low bridged Kirst. He followed it with a suicide dive. Kirst turned around an Irish Whip to toss Cross into the guard rail. Kirst attacked him with the collection can while Krimson distracted the ref. Cross back dropped Kirst over the guard rail. They got back into the ring. Kirst ducked Cross and nailed a clothesline. Cross tossed Kirst into the air and flap jacked him. Kirst kicked out at two. Kirst choked Cross on the middle rope. Standing moonsault by Cross was followed with a pin. Kirst tossed Cross into the corner. Kirst dropped a leg. Kirst wasted time mocking Hobo Joe. Cross caught him with a reverse atomic drop. Cross got two after a cross body. Cross gave Kirst the Mortal Combat corner kicks. Kirst suplexed Cross. Kirst went to the top but Cross caught him. Cross went for the Shooting Star Press but Kirst rocked the ropes. Kirst went for a superplex. Cross tossed him away and nailed the SSP for the win. Kirst attacked Cross. Gregory Iron made the save. Ricky Shane Page, Marion Fontaine and Jeremy Madrox attacked. Vic Travagliante was directing traffic.

Analysis: Good match. It did way more for Kirst than any other match. I understand the attack on Cross but it did take away some from Kirst’s showing. Score: +1.

They replaced Gregory Iron being hurt by Kirst last year. Krimson said that every absurdity has a title to defend. Krimson said that Johnny Gargano and Rhino think they have what it takes to stop the Dead Wrestling Society. Krimson said that Gargano doesn’t have it in him. Analysis: Another good promo from this guy. This guy has been awesome. I need the You Tube just to show this promo. Score: +1.

Korey comes out and introduces Michael “The Bomber” Facade. He injured himself in a taping for Extreme Rising pay per view so he can’t wrestle right now. The injury isn’t serious. Facade said he’ll be back in a month. Bobby Shields came out and claimed the Facade was faking it. Shields said that injury wasn’t as traumatizing as it was for him to lose his hair. He lost his identity and dignity. Facade said he wrestled on two broken bones in his foot. Shields stomped on the foot then gave him a thrust kick. Shields attacked the foot with a chair. Shields said that his title reign is just a facade. Shields said the logic belongs to him. Shields said Facade’s read locks were an embarrassment. Shields attacked his ankle with Facade’s cane again. Analysis: Good stuff from Shields. Facade was okay. Korey just seems over eager. Kind of like his day job calls for. I don’t particularly like it. People obviously do. Score: +1.

Korey interviewed Louis Lyndon backstage. He asked where Lyndon’s head was after losing to Jason Gory. Lyndon said he learned something from that match. You need to bounce back from loses. He loves combining his fighting styles. He wants to win gold in Prime Wrestling. He beat Benjamin Boone on the biggest stage. He had some narrow loses. Lyndon said he’s smarter, faster and stronger. He wants a rematch with Jason Gory. He wants to use Gory as a stepping stone. Analysis: There’s something I really dig about his delivery. Not sure everyone would agree because it’s kind of funky. Score: +1.

Jeremy Madrox & Marion Fontaine came out with Vic Travagliante. Bryan Castle & Jay Flash were a make shift tag team. Castle started against Fontaine. Marion tried for a head lock but was tossed off by Castle. Madrox tagged and wanted Castle to put up his dukes. Inverted Manhattan Drop by Castle got a pin. Flash tagged in. Fontaine made a blind tag and blind sided Flash. Fontaine suplexed Flash. The heels started working over Flash making frequent tags. Flash snapmared Fontaine and kicked him in the back several times. Fontaine kicked Flash as he bent down. Flash got a sunset flip pin but Madrox stayed in control. Fontaine flaunted Castle with his lucky head band. Flash recovered and hot tagged Castle. Vic held on to Castle’s leg. Madrox tripped Castle. Fontaine nailed a Lionsault for the win.

Analysis: I was surprised that Castle took the pin. It was a pretty week victory if they wanted to use that as a “We beat a big guy” theory. Madrox could have performed some move on him. Kick him in the gut and DDT him. Bingo, minimal change and better finish. Score: +1.

Korey was backstage with Gregory Iron & Zack Gowen. He asked about his history with Kirst. Iron said that hate is a strong word. He hates Kirst. Iron could wish for a lot of things. He knows that wishes don’t come true. Iron said he goes at it by working hard. He said they won’t step down from any challenge. Analysis: Good stuff from Mr. Iron. These promos have been a highlight. Oh no, did I curse the next promo? Score: +1.

Kirst said that he is the embodiment of evil. He said the power bomb he gave Iron left him with an inch left of his life. Next time, he’s going to go that extra inch. Analysis: Not as good as the other ones but still good stuff. Loved the finish. No curse either. Yeah me. Score: +1.

Gory came out with Krimson. He was challenging Johnny Gargano for the Prime Wrestling Title. Gory tried to attack Gargano from behind. Gargano tossed Gory outside. Krimson stopped a Gargano suicide dive. Gargano back dropped Gory. Gory clawed Gargano in the face. They traded chops. Gory bit Gargano’s head. He then strangled him on the middle rope. Gory jumped on his back and slid thru the ropes. Gory slammed Gargano. He dropped three legs. Gory missed a charge into a corner. Gargano gave Gory a Downward Spiral for a two count. Gory reversed into a trapped DDT. Gory waited on Gargano to get up and nailed him with a thru the ropes clothes line. Gargano got back in the ring with a shoulder block followed by a sling shit DDT on Gory. Krimson grabbed Gargano’s foot. Gargano dove onto Krimson. Gory connected with a flip thru sunset flip. Gargano thrust kicked Gory. He then lawn darted him into the middle buckle. Gargano connected with Uniquely You for the win.

Analysis: Good match. Gory has toned it down which helps. I’m glad I’m not an idiot since Dombrowski said their next pay per view was Pressure Rising. I thought I misheard Extreme Rising when Michael Facade was talking. Any way, Gargano didn’t look too weak but Gory definitely put up a fight. Good deal. Score: +1.

Final Score: 8/8. Final Analysis: They did a great job with this episode. Why is that so hard to get in wrestling today? Good on them for sticking with a good formula. -Kevin

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