Stunt Granny Conversation: Jeremy & Kevin 1/24/2013 American Horror Story Finale


Jeremy:  What I find funny is that the finale was the least insane episode of the season in total contrast to the entire run.

Kevin: That is very true.  Although it took me a while to catch onto the theme with the weird Kitt beginning.

Jeremy:  At least this season it seemed like they realized they needed an actual ending.

Kevin: I had a question about the very end, did Lana bargain her way into Briarcliff?

Jeremy: Ok that was one part of the episode I did not understand. It seemed to me that Jude was just warning her.  Now that you mention that I am not sure. It wouldn’t make sense with what she but her through.

Kevin: That’s what I was thinking but wanted to rewatch that part. The rest of the show followed well and didn’t have much of a question.

Jeremy: Seemed like they remembered to give everyone their due and they did it effectively. Poor Kitt couldn’t catch a break though.

Kevin:Not even one.  Was he abducted by aliens too?

Jeremy: At the end for sure. They took him back. I suppose since he was special but damn. No luck at all.

Kevin: Not even a bit. Aside from banging out two chicks

Jeremy: He became sympathetic which was a nice touch from the angry wreck he was at the beginning. Yeah and he should have tried pulling out.  I was just fond of this season finale for the closure. One thing I did find odd was the focus on Lana since Jude seemed to be the main character all season.

Kevin: The closure thing was big. I don’t mind an open ending so long as it makes you think. Last year’s didn’t make you do that. It was different having survivors that could tell a story.  Jude was pretty heavy in the episode.

Jeremy:  Yeah they gave her a proper sendoff. Finding peace finally. Pretty much everything got tied up. Was I the only one hoping for another dance number when Jude died?

Kevin: They did have that very heavenly one earlier in the season. Something like that again would have been appropriate but maybe over kill with her teaching Kitt & the kids how to dance.

Jeremy: Man, you just brought up some lost opportunity there. Of course not having a pinhead nor patients drooling and slapping themselves in the background would have lessened the effect.

Kevin: The patients participating in the earlier dance made that one very weird. They could have set it in hell to make it real freaky.

Jeremy: The Aliens could have finally appeared and broke out the top hats and canes. “Hello my baby. Hello my honey.”

Kevin: That would have been whipped cream with a cherry on top. It’d be more fun to bring in the alien from Aliens instead of the standard egghead aliens Grace was drawing. Whoever did those drawings was excellent. I don’t have shit on them.

Jeremy: Speaking of Grace, boy that girl had a rough time too. No one got out clean. She gets killed, impregnated and resuscitated then axed. Her pregnancy had a gestation time of five minutes for the birth.

Kevin: That was very day time soap level of impregnation. The whole thing had a weird time line actually. They never said much in that department.  Pepper had been dead 2 1/2 years before Kitt saved Jude?

Jeremy: When a fetus is inserted by an alien race is there an established timeline? Yeah poor Pepper.

Kevin: There is no timeline for alien babies.

Jeremy: I have seen Prometheus and that statement is correct. Beautiful stupid movie.

Kevin: We caught that one recently and that is a good summation of it. Love the HR Giger art.

Jeremy: Well yeah, Imagine if a Predator and an Alien show up to take Kitt and have to duke it out while ET just masturbated watching. Then Kitt just falls dead of cancer.

Kevin: ET could at least jerk Kitt off before he dies of cancer.  Maybe it’d cure the cancer at the same time

Jeremy: So are you trying to say ET spooge can cure cancer?

Kevin: His finger could do some powerful stuff. I figure his spooge is like a cure all salve.

Jeremy: Is this the right time to bring up the Cardinal committing suicide? Or should we bring up the fact that Bloodyface Jr. was a giant pussy?

Kevin: That’s two big questions. The first is the fantasy of a writer who was molested by a priest as a child, in my opinion. Not sure why Bloodyface Jr. was such a pussy. His mom was a hard ass and so was his dad.

Jeremy: He gets all whiny at the mention of his mommy. Then he wants to live up to his dad. Pussbag. All of this after lopping off Adam Levine’s arm with a cleaver? Unless it was the revelation that Lana didn’t care about him outside of that one time.

Kevin: The guy wanted breast milk at the age of 48 so he was not exactly on stable ground

Jeremy: I always differ to titties.  I suppose I had this idea of him being legit crazy as in genetic and instead he was looking for mom and dad’s affections ya know.

Kevin: Which is a nice twist. But yeah, the expectations were different for sure on his character

Jeremy: If it was Hayden Christensen I would have had an easier time with it.  Kind of wish Jr. would have put the mask on before she shot him. Just for the visual.

Kevin:  That would have been very cool.

Jeremy:  Yeah and round out the show.

Kevin: Trying to think if there was anything else in those last two episodes. Would it have been too much to ask for the real version of the Angel of Death be the house keeper Dylan McDermott saw last season?

Jeremy: Yeah no shit.  All the sex in this show and the single hottest chick in the history of this program wasn’t back on? I did appreciate the Angel of Death as a lesbian convict though.

Kevin: Yeah, she does a great job as a creepy woman.

Jeremy: I was just happy the show didn’t end with everyone smiling. It at least showed they had an end  in mind this time around.

Kevin: That would have been worse than last year. The depressing end with everyone seemingly finding some solace in their lives was a good ending.

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