Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of @WWE #Raw


We didn’t have a post today. My girl is in and out of sleep. Let’s do a review.

Alberto Del Rio is dressed like a bum waiting for the Big Show. Booker T oversells the Elimination Chamber. Jack Swagger comes down to remind us they gave him the strap. Dolph Ziggler is going to win the World Title. He declines on the Chamber. He will be fighting Del Rio tonight. Daniel Bryan & Kane are taking on Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio.

The match starts after the break. Sin Cara & Rey have ridiculous outfits on. Rey’s is especially egregious. The No act after ducking a 619 is perfect. Bryan being in there with someone his size is cool. Opening up his offense. Interesting match. Rey with the hot tag. Bryan in against him. Nice. Rey deals with Kane. Bryan has the No Lock. Sin Cara makes the save. Rey finally connects on the 619. Splash and win by Rey. Matt Striker talks to Del Rio. Fresh air is over rated.

The Great Khali takes on Jinder Mahal. Come on guys, mention their history. Punjabi plunge in a distraction heavy match. Booker & Teddy Long blow each other. Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes are entering into singles competition. They hug it out because they’re still going to be friends. Sheamus takes Sandow on later. Much FF tonight. No big surprise.

The Vince/Heyman/Brock stuff takes a whole commercial break of tv. That’s stupid long. Now they replay John Cena. Damien Sandow takes on Sheamus. Let’s hope they give Damien a good showing. No way he wins. JBL is selling him. The Shield shows up to ruin any momentum Sandow had. Sheamus gets the power bomb.

Randy Orton gets the JBL hype too. I forgot he’s wrestling Wade Barrett, again. I’ve enjoyed their matches but not again. Bo Dallas getting more hype. Poor dumbo Barrett elbows the post. RKO in short order. They are playing up the Dallas stuff. Not sure why though. Putting the brakes on Barrett makes no sense. Barrett freaks out on Dallas after the break. Seemed appropriate to put here.

Kofi Kingston gets to lose to Jack Swagger. I mean, you don’t bring him back and have him lose, right? JBL doing the sell job on Swagger. He deserves it so far. Kofi misses Trouble. He drop kicks Swagger outside. Kofi kicks the announce table. Swagger takes advantage. Ankle lock for the tap. That works out for both parties. They protected Kofi a little bit. Security talks to Del Rio. He hides when a bus comes. Big Show gets off. The dumb bell climbed to the roof to get away from Del Rio. He finally drives away in a tiny car. Weird segment. Fans still don’t seem to care much.

Ricardo wants to be there for Alberto. Del Rio tells him to stay put to stay safe. Foreshadowing much? Big E Langston is terrible at interfering. Dolph never wins because of it. Langston gets tossed. Ziggler gets crotched. Thrust kick for the close two count. Rocker dropper for two. Fun match so far. Backer cracker only gets a two count for Del Rio. Ziggler taps to the cross arm breaker. Big Show threatens Del Rio & Rodriguez. Show punches out Ricardo again. -Kevin

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