Stunt Granny Audio Show #215


Jeremy starts off the show by talking about the ghosts that are haunting his house. Or was it his car? Did he smell scents? What was the trigger? How dumb founded is Kevin during this whole explanation. They turn their talk to wrestling as usual. Why did Punk use Paul Giamatti? Who thinks Giamatti could be cast as Paul Heyman in a movie? Should this promo have come last week? How did Punk’s promo tie into the end of the show? Is it good that he now seems divorced from Paul Heyman? Isn’t that why Heyman was answering for Brock Lesnar on Miz TV? Is Punk also divorced from Brad Maddox & The Shield? Is it good that they lost another large fight? Okay, so that one is obvious but they move on to a heel that could get some traction, Mark Henry. Is he capturing a demographic that isn’t sought by the WWE? Would these fans also root for Ryback? What did Jeremy think about Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara as they were being attacked by Henry? TNA is finally going on the road. How large is the arena they are doing their first taping at? Is too small, too large or just the right size for TNA? Will this help their wrestlers? Will the crowds be as hot as those for previous TNA road tapings? Find out the answers to these questions and more when you click the link below. Unless your ghost won’t let you.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #215

Dynamite Kid has a dynamite daughter @Dynamitedoll84

“Diving headbutt” never sounded so dirty.

So, I clicked on the link about Bret “Hitman” Hart’s knee surgery, then clicked through to Bret’s Twitter account and saw Bret’s daughter Jade’s Twitter. Thought “why not” and clicked through that and saw a mention of DynamiteDoll84. Knowing the relationship between Bret and the Dynamite Kid, I thought I’d see what kind of doll we were really dealing with here. And WHAT a doll: here’s Brownwyne Billington, the offspring of the amazing Dynamite Kid (Tommy Billington) and apparently a really good-looking woman. Her husband is a soon-to-be pro wrestler (and I’m married) so I’d better not digitally drool over her too much. But let me just say: Tall socks were a great choice. Back in 10 minutes. -Eric

Headlines: @WWE announces WM30 location, @IAmJericho of all people defends Triple H

New Orleans Mercedes-Benz Superdome

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to IWA-Mid South ‘Unwashed Massed 5’!”

According to (Go VIP!), the rumors are true, and WWE WrestleMania 30 will be held in New Orleans, La., at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. You know, the same venue where Super Bowl XLVII was held this past Sunday? The same venue that suffered a power outage three-fourths of the way through the biggest game of America’s new pastime sport? Yeah, good to see WWE setting up its grandest stage in a third world country. WWE often reports that WrestleMania week infuses between $30 million and $50 million into its host city’s local economy. Expect to see that money spent wisely, on beads, tits and spray paint.

According to, Chris Jericho commented on Bret Hart’s recent quotes saying Triple H isn’t even in the “top 1,000” wrestlers and that his match against Undertaker at WrestleMania 28 was a “4 out of 10.” (By the way, I think it’s awesome that Arda Ocal is writing for the Layfield Report. Two smart cookies. Hopefully no cream in the middle.) Says Jericho:

I think that Triple H has had a lot of great matches, dozens of great matches. I could think of two or three that I was in with him myself, so, maybe, I don’t know why Bret would say that…

Maybe because Triple H is a dick?

“You might say ‘well this guy’s a jerk’ or ‘I don’t like him personally’ or ‘backstage I don’t like him’ or ‘politically I don’t like him'”

Yeah, you might! Remember, though, Bret looks at the world through pink-colored wrap-around sunglasses, shrouded by bitterness and inflated self-worth. Add old age to the equation, and that guy will say anything. Then again, Triple H looks at the world through McMahon-purchased Lasik-corrected vision, bathed in green lighting, territoriality and that same inflated self-worth. And the guy who is coming to Triple H’s defense looks at the world from underneath the bangs of an ever-present mullet, happy to forgive a boss-in-training who once said “he can’t work” as long as he brings in some sweet WWE cash in between stints with Fozzy. What a cluster… and it’s no surprise. -Eric

The Rock kinda sorta rules


You ever think that you just have too much going on in life and that a long vacation is what is truly in order? Well, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would probably disagree.  In fact, The Rock probably tries to come up with ways of changing the laws of science to increase the amount of seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour and hours in a day just to get more things done. Isn’t it time for The Rock to take the place f Chuck Norris as the official American badass?

Screw Chuck Norris and his lazy Total Gym physique and Just For Men beard. He has nothing on The Rock’s work ethic.  How many movies does Chuck Norris have releasing this year? Go ahead look it up? Done? Yeah he doesn’t have as many as Rock has in the next four months. Television shows? Yup, Rock beats him there as well.  In fact, Rock laps Chuck Norris on talk show appearances alone let alone having an actual scripted television program.

Sport entertainment championships? Chuck Norris never even sniffed one let alone held one after ten years of inaction. Hell Chuck Norris can’t even take a karate movie again without attaching himself to Sly Stallone’s jock. It is ridiculous. So, in order to help you all out here is a brief Rock viewing guide for the next few months just to help you keep it all straight.

SNITCH : February 22, 2013

Snitch is supposedly based on a true story so obviously it will be based off of true events. This is a Hollywood way of taking a boring story and making it way more interesting, cough, Argo.  Who knew Susan Sarandon still made movies? From the preview I can’t tell if that is Rock’s wife or friend but if it is his wife it confirms his fetish for older women both on screen and off.

G.I.JOE RETALIATION  :  March 28, 2013

All right look, the first G.I. Joe movie was offensive on every level. If they would have replaced all of the most beloved characters with retarded children and slingshots it would have made more sense and been far more compelling. This time around though it looks like they captured G.I. Joe as it was written for the comics. Ninja sword fights while repelling off a mountain? Yes please. The Rock hiding in a well while The Pit is attacked by a Cobra lead government? Sure it looks like they wiped out the entire G.I. Joe Force from the preview but then who cares? They didn’t introduce too many characters you should care about anyway. R.I.P. black Ripcord. Hopefully you find a peaceful afterlife with black Bongo the Bear.

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