Dynamite Kid has a dynamite daughter @Dynamitedoll84

“Diving headbutt” never sounded so dirty.

So, I clicked on the Prowrestling.net link about Bret “Hitman” Hart’s knee surgery, then clicked through to Bret’s Twitter account and saw Bret’s daughter Jade’s Twitter. Thought “why not” and clicked through that and saw a mention of DynamiteDoll84. Knowing the relationship between Bret and the Dynamite Kid, I thought I’d see what kind of doll we were really dealing with here. And WHAT a doll: here’s Brownwyne Billington, the offspring of the amazing Dynamite Kid (Tommy Billington) and apparently a really good-looking woman. Her husband is a soon-to-be pro wrestler (and I’m married) so I’d better not digitally drool over her too much. But let me just say: Tall socks were a great choice. Back in 10 minutes. -Eric

One Response

  1. Bronwyne Billington @Dynamitedoll84 9h
    My daughter gave me her cold. Ugh it never ends #mommyduties

    UGH, she ruined the fantasy!

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