56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania 1’s Best Matches

Let’s pretend today was yesterday – Sunday, Feb. 10 – which was 56 days until WWE WrestleMania 29. The impending 29th event means that WWE has promoted 28 of these things, which divides nicely into 56, which led us at Stunt Granny to want to ask you, what are the 56 greatest matches in WrestleMania history? Expect to see a poll like the one above every other day, with the next day featuring an analysis of the top two matches according to your vote. It’s a very unscientific way of saying, “Um, yeah, I guess Tito Santana vs. the Executioner was better than Rob Van Dam vs. William Regal?” So come on, you only have 55 56 days! Get your vote on now!

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