Stunt Granny Conversation: Walking Dead mid-season 3 premiere


So yeah, we have had conversations about the Walking Dead in the past but starting today we are starting a weekly conversation piece about the previous night episode.  If it just so happens to be a repeat, well, we’ll put up the same corresponding conversation from the first time around. Hey, if they are lazy and filling time to get to May sweeps then we can as well.  We’re also going to stay with the DVR crowd and not give away spoilers so we’ll have a read more button after an introduction. So be prepared to read every Monday about the Awesomeness of Daryl Dixon; the grooming aspects or lack thereof, of Hershel Greene’s beard and so much more. Hell Walking Dead is the biggest show on cable television right now we have to get in on the act.

Jeremy: So, what ya think of the first episode back?

Kevin: Solid. I even took notes for the convo! Telling me I don’t prepare like SC Eric. I’ll take show notes, damn it.

Jeremy: Really? I was in straight viewing mode. Took mental notes but really had the same likes and the usual dislikes.

Kevin: I did it during each commercial break. Never during the show.

Jeremy: The episode seemed like paint by numbers episode. Part of the big issues is that they ruined any drama of Daryl and Merle by showing parts of their escape after the mid-season finale. So the opening segment held no drama for me at all.

Kevin: I don’t do a good job of paying attention to those.  I view them but can’t keep track of timing.

Jeremy: You are the better for it.  They did the same thing with Justified a few weeks ago. SO now, just stop as soon as credits roll. So there was no significant drama there and it kind of played out like that the rest of the way for me.

Kevin: I didn’t expect Daryl & Merle to separate from the group right away. But people seem to come back around no matter what.

Jeremy: Only one who hasn’t is the black guy and his kid form season one in the house. It was a nice move but the inevitability of them returning to the prison tampers it.  The important part of it will be the follow through. How do they get back and is it done in an interesting fashion. Not some lengthy or drawn out “talk” between brothers.

Kevin: They do have plenty of talking on that show.

Jeremy: How annoying was Merle? When Rick knocked him out it was such relief.

Kevin: There were a couple of moments that really cracked me up. That was one of them.

Jeremy: His nonstop chatter. I don’t remember him being that over the top in season one.

Kevin: He seemed bent on making the situation as uncomfortable as possible, which is funny in a way but he wasn’t helping himself.

Jeremy: It really showed the irrationality of his psyche. Wouldn’t you think to shut it and be grateful they got you out? Then get on their case?  One very good choice was the way Rick reacted when they walked up to Maggie and Michonne. He immediately went at Glen.

Kevin: Tried to head any problems off at the pass is a smart move.

Jeremy: Most shows though would let it be a discovery moment. I like the smarts displayed.

Kevin: Glen was pretty spunky for having the hell beaten out of him less than 12 hours before.

Jeremy: Um yeah. This was the part of the show where time just went wonky. They spent a lot of time talking and arguing while the sun just appeared as they were running.  We did skip the escape though. As anticlimactic as it was for me, I did appreciate the Hines Ward headshot.

Kevin: I had to point him out to the girl but couldn’t rewind it since she doesn’t have a DVR. Time was really wonky and no one from Woodbury followed them which seemed odd. Time was especially quick for the child who was 2-3 months instead of the noted 1 week.

Jeremy: yeah the kid is only ten days old or something according to Herschel?  That is a huge baby for only ten days.

Kevin: It has a head the size of a planetoid.

Jeremy: It is no wonder Lori died from the C-section it had nothing to do with being butchered.

Kevin: Merle was almost as annoying as her. Lori is another good transition character for this point too. How much fun was the Governor shooting the zombie in waiting in the head and walking away?

Jeremy: I was waiting for that actually and it didn’t disappoint. He didn’t even acknowledge anyone. I mean he is being a bit mopey but that was pure badassery. Speaking of awesome moments, Daryl grabbing his crossbow back was one of those.

Kevin: I was wondering if his mopey-ness was a plan to get dumb bell Andrea to be the new face of Woodbury. I remember thinking Daryl getting the cross bow back was cool but can’t remember exactly how it went down.

Jeremy: Dude shot an arrow as Daryl was walking by; he just snatched it and walked on. Classic move. The episode kind of fell apart for me later. The blonde daughter kissing Rick. Paling around with Axel even though he was inquiring if she was of age. The Forced Glen and Maggie issues.

Kevin: She went Natalie Portman in The Professional with Rick. Just all kinds of creepiness going on there.  I had forgotten that Axel had hit on her.

Jeremy: Oh I didn’t. The scene with him and Carol asking about her being a lesbian and hitting on blonde daughter are his characters only identifiers.

Kevin: That is true. The Maggie/Glen stuff doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Jeremy: They tried to explain it on Talking Dead about Glen thinking he knows what is best in abuse victims and that is fine but I shouldn’t get that info from the after show. It needs to be presented on the actual program.

Kevin: I don’t watch that show. Make the program longer to explain it then.

Jeremy: It isn’t as if they need to spoon feed it but they definitely need to address it soon. Last episode they were saying I love you before getting hooded. Now they create a nonissue.

Kevin: After supposedly not sleeping for long stretches. Get a nap and you’ll realize you were being an ass.

Jeremy: Yeah it just seems forced and not necessary. Now though we have a lot of different threads going. They created a lot of conflict seemingly one was about to get resolved until Lori shows  up and runs it.

Kevin: They do a good job of overlapping storylines and having an over arcing story going at all time. The only point we didn’t mention which is worth at least addressing is Rick seeing the “woman” at the end of the episode. I thought it was Lori. The girl disagrees with me.

Jeremy: Well it was Lori let’s be clear. Who else could it be? White wedding dress; Long black hair; This isn’t American Horror Story with the angel of death.

Kevin: She did look a lot bigger than Lori has ever been. Like she ate a whole meal in her life at some point.

Jeremy: Well guess being off the show she doesn’t have to method act and starve herself any longer.

Kevin:  Is she one of those method actors? She did a stellar job because she was stick thin.

Jeremy: I have no clue really but it would explain a lot. I am still scratching my head how she didn’t get that was Lori.

Kevin: I do like that Rick didn’t snap out of the delusion problems he’s having. I thought the phone call realization would snap him out of it for good, which doesn’t make sense to me.

Jeremy: Yes they seemed to remember that which is good. First Shane now Lori appears to him.  Apparently in the comic Rick had a cell phone he would talk to Lori on after she died. There were two things that struck me as funny though. Legit laughing at the tv. He looks at the kid and then he snaps. See, children ruin everything. Then he sees the former wife and pulls a gun. Stupid women ruin everything.

Kevin: Ha, didn’t think of it that way. It is true though. Have we mentioned that neither of us have read the comics?

Jeremy: I have read the first collection and that is about it. I am interested in reading up but do not want to ruin the show experience.  I do know Lori died in the prison but not how it happened in the show.

Kevin: The closest I came to reading it was buying it for Ken for a Christmas present.

Jeremy: Whenever they introduce a new character I look them up to see if they are in the comics and leave it at that.  But back to the show, we are left with a clearly grieving and loony Rick and a bunch of fodder in the prison, the Dixons on the run and the Governor pouting but probably planning. Sounds like a fun ride the rest of the way.

Kevin: Agreed, they set up a lot but that almost always leads to a train wreck of an episode no matter the program.

Jeremy: They fortunately steered clear of a train wreck but it was certainly tipping off the tracks in spots.

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