#PrimeWrestling – Season 6 – Episode 7

I’m going to try things a little bit different today. Prime Wrestling has an iPPV, Pressure Rising, on Saturday evening. I’d like to be able to catch up so that I can do a preview before then. We’ll see how Saturday shakes out. Hold on, I think my girl works that night. I’ll ponder that thought more later. I’m going to do a quicker style review than normal. I don’t feel as bad since I attach the video if possible these days.

Bobby Shields is taking on Michael “The Bomber” Facade for the TV Title. Shields grabbed the mic. People don’t understand the pain of him losing his hair. Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire recap Shields’s assault of Facade last month after he’d been injured at another event. They had a stare down while Pedro De Lucca does the formal introductions. They stalked each other before trading blows. Facade connects with a leg lariat. The camera man had a hard time following Shields outside the ring. Facade walks the ropes but Shields shakes him off. Shields stomped away. Shields drops knees after a suplex. Shields missed a moonsault. Facade hulked up. A spring board moonsault got Facade a two count. Facade drop kicked Shields for another two. Shields got two from a Northern Lights suplex. Shields nailed a Mafia kick. Facade kicked out after a Falcon Arrow. Nicki Valentino dropped off his fanny pack. Shields found an empty fanny pack. Bobby Beverly appeared on the entrance ramp and laughed at Shields. Facade nailed the Irashikagi Driver for the win.

Analysis: Very good match. Facade has limited his flying which has made his wrestling better. I wonder if the recovery from a broken foot has anything to do with it. I’d love to see Shields get a run with the TV Title. Nice suspense with trying to figure out whether the dolt of the defunct Sex Appeal knew about the missing chain or not. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante gives Justin LaBar a chance to back out of his match. They employed a secretary or they are really filming at LaBar’s office. Vic found no one in his office. Vic found all of LaBar’s stupid ideas on his computer. Vic stole the lap top and dropped his calling card which was a moustache. Analysis: Filming criminal activities is always stupid. Score: 0.

Bryan Castle, Edric Everhart & Tony Johnson teams against the Megalomaniacs, Ricky Shane Page, Jeremy Madrox and “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine. The Megalomaniacs isolated Everhart early. Page got Castle to snap. Page ended the rampage with a Roaring Elbow. Death Valley Driver on Everhart for the win. Analysis: A definitive win for a team that needs it. Two rookies are taking on some of the biggest stars in Prime Wrestling. Score: +1.

Bobby Beverly said that he has had a lot of issues recently. He wants to get the monkey off his back for good at Pressure Rising. Beverly wants to make 2013 the “Year of the Bev”. Analysis: Solid fire. Nice concise message for a feud that has stretched out longer than needed. Please come up with a better year name too. Score: +1.

Courtney Morgan is the newest member of the TV crew. She got booted from her first interview by N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone. They complain about the Handicapped Hand Guns. Benjamin Boone said that people in Prime Wrestling forgot how vicious he was. Mattson wants to puke because Matt Mason stands for Ohio. Mattson will dominate him in the ring. Analysis: Nice work. A more memorable introduction than her getting in the interview with dumb questions. Good stuff from both Boone & Mattson. Score: +1.

They replay the Megalomaniacs attacking Matt Cross. Johnny Gargano came out to do color commentary for the main event. The Dead Wrestling Society, Krimson & Kirst, are taking on the Handicapped Hand Guns, Gregory Iron & Zack Gowen. The later rushed the ring and assaulted the former. Gowen took entirely too long to nail a moonsault on Krimson & Kirst. A tornado DDT only got Iron a two count. Krimson clotheslined Iron who was going for a power bomb on Kirst. The DWS isolated Iron. Krimson knee dropped Iron off the middle rope. It looked vicious. Krimson was going to spit mist into Iron’s eyes when Gargano dragged him out of the ring. The officials separated Krimson & Gargano. Kirst taunted the crowd. Iron fought out of a power bomb. Kirst caught Iron going to the top rope. Iron turned it into a super power bomb. Gowen & Iron win the Tag Team Titles.

Analysis: How is that fair? Kirst’s tag team partner got assaulted and wasn’t at ring side. That should have been a DQ. I’m calling shenanigans. The match was well wrestled but the ending put a sour taste in my mouth. More babyfaces cheating to win for no reason. Score: 0.

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