56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania 2’s Best Matches

We’re counting down the days until WrestleMania 29 by selecting the 56 best matches in WrestleMania history! (Wow, that sounds ridiculous now that I type it out. Our methodology is also completely unfair, selecting the best two matches from every WM when we know full well that the entire WM17 card was better than the entire WM2 card. Nonetheless…) Today, it’s WrestleMania 2, with 12 contenders. And two pretty logical winners. I mean, Moolah vs. McIntyre is the stuff wrestling textbooks are made of. Let us know what you think and vote now! Results tomorrow!

4 Responses

  1. Dream Team = Dream match. I don’t care if Dynamite refuses to rate Beefer.

  2. I voted for the battle royal because a.) it’s the most memorable thing about the show to me, and b.) it would make the “experts” heads explode to see someone thinking that a battle royal was the best show on a card. Fuck errybody

  3. Fuck the experts.They will never address it but certain experts have this opinion and present it as fact:

    Hogan’s WWF – the bad outweigh the good
    Cena’s WWE – the good outweigh the bad

    I went with the Bulldogs w/ Lou and Ozzy. For whatever it’s worth or not worth Ultimate Sin is a good album and Ozzy was still on a great solo run. So nice get by WWF. I’m a big Bulldogs fan and the Dream Team is a little underrated.

    Russ Francis bringing it in the Battle Royal!

    Last but not least it’s never a bad card with Hercules.

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