#PrimeWrestling – Season 6 – Episode 8

I’m going to try things a little bit different today. Prime Wrestling has an iPPV, Pressure Rising, on Saturday evening. I’d like to be able to catch up so that I can do a preview before then. We’ll see how Saturday shakes out. Hold on, I think my girl works that night. I’ll ponder that thought more later. I’m going to do a quicker style review than normal. I don’t feel as bad since I attach the video if possible these days.

Gory came out for a match against Louis Lyndon. The winner of the match takes on Michael “The Bomber” Facade at Pressure Rising. Gory assaulted Lyndon while he did crowd work. They started on the outside of the ring. Lyndon dominated  early. Lyndon slapped on a cross arm breaker. Gory went to the outside after a head scissors take over. Lyndon nailed a spring board moonsault to the outside. Gory knocked Lyndon down from the top ropes. Gory low drop kicked Lyndon. Gory hung him out to dry. Gory yapped to the crowd. Lyndon hulked out. Lyndon connected with a crane kick. Gory kicked out after an enziguri. Gory bit Lyndon on the forehead. QAS by Gory got a two count. Gory went for the trick knee but Lyndon caught it. Lyndon hit the full nelson bridge suplex for the win.

Analysis: I was surprised Lyndon got so much offense. Gory can absorb the loss but he looked kind of weak in this one. I’m glad it isn’t the same match up for the TV Title. Lyndon deserves a bump like this. I’ve liked him for a while. Still not sure why TNA took Flip Kendrick instead. Score: +1.

Courtney Morgan interviewed Justin LaBar was there to introduce the other members of his team. Gregory Iron & an absent Zack Gowen were introduced. He is proud to be defending Prime Wrestling. Analysis: Sounds like a solid team to me. This promo was not the best for Iron. He had no gusto. Baby Momma Drama is out on the lip ring. I’m all for them. Score: 0.

They panned up Jessie Kay. Her goal is to excite, delight and stamp out any tramps in Prime Wrestling. It doesn’t mean you have to be a woman. She’s going to take out Marti Bell. Analysis: I love her. Fun delivery, rhymed and went at it. Score: +1.

Nicki Valentino took on Bryan Castle. Valentino tried to go on the offensive. His size prevented him from doing much. Castle caught Valentino off the top ropes. Castle missed for a sit down. Bobby Shields showed up on the stage and walked to the ring. Valentino crotch rode the infamous bandana of Castle. He nailed Valentino with a corner splash. Valentino hit a jaw jacker. Castle missed a middle rope splash. Shields held onto the fanny pack. Castle cross bodied Valentino after he turned around with the pack. Analysis: Fun comedy match that did what they could in the ring given the disparity in size. Score: +1.

Marion Fontaine talked about the tough competition they faced last week. Vic Travagliante mocked LaBar more. Ricky Shane Page got his hair cut at a truck stop when he was twelve. Jeremy Madrox arrived late because he helped at an accident scene. He held up Zack Gowen’s cane. Vic told LaBar to make his next move. Analysis: Fun promo for three of them. Page still doesn’t strike me as deranged. Score: +1.

Krimson quoted Oscar Wilde. He is going to let us in on some truths. He talked about bringing the division down to it’s knees by taking out opponents. Krimson said that he’d take down Gargano just like they took down the tag team division. Analysis: I love this guy’s promos. What else can I say. Score: +1.

Edric Everhart was the opponent for Benjamin Boone. This guy did a great job as a jobber last week. He will be reprising the role soon. Boone is just wearing him out. Boone pulled him off of a sure pin. Boone pulled him up again after a side slam. Everhart fought back. Downward spiral by Boone. He then locked in the Bear Trap submission for the win. Analysis: Duh. Who didn’t see that coming. Booking 101, yo. Score: +1.

They did a iPPV hype center. Courtney Morgan needs to introduce herself. She didn’t do it in the other segment either. Johnny Gargano talked about his storied history with Matt Cross. Gargano said this match will be wrestled out of respect. He told Krimson he is not afraid of the monster in the closet or him. Analysis: Gargano is really good with promos. I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten TNA action. I’d love him in the WWE but I don’t think he’s quite big enough for them. Score: +1.

Gregory Iron was on the phone with Zack Gowen. He is out with injuries. Justin LaBar is at his side. LaBar comes up with a splendid idea for his third team member. Iron looked pleased at LaBar’s phone. Analysis: LaBar would not be a loss to the program. Iron did well. Score: +0.

Bobby Shields came out first. Bobby Beverly came out. Joe Dombrowski mentions “The Bev” as a nickname. Oh boy. It’s going to be a long year. They fought outside the ring. I’m not sure how I forgot to mention the lines shaved in the side of Beverly’s head. Aaron Maguire is killing me making fun of “The Bev”. He then ripped on Beverly’s gut. I had to stop typing to laugh. Dombrowski tried to defend Beverly by calling him “a dude” which only made things funnier and worse for “The Bev”. Shields missed a pair of moves. Beverly attacked and moved. Nicki Valentino tossed the fanny pack to Beverly. He pulled out the chain. Shields acted like he got hit with it. The referee saw Beverly with the chain and disqualified him. The announcers and the participants acted like they didn’t know who knew what.

Analysis: They’re doing a good job with the “Who done it?” the last two shows. The heel should take advantage of a dumb baby face for a win every now and again. I’m not sure I’m cool with the continuation of the feud of this group unless it finally turns Valentino into something other than a boob. The match quality was solid. Score: +1. -Kevin

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