#SippyTimeBeer Review – Flying Dog, Left Hand Brewing & Shiner

Flying Dog Left Hand Shiner

Do you need to try a new beer this weekend? Well I’m just the guy to tell you what choices you have out there. I’m going to be trying out some new beers when I head out to Woodlands Tavern for Happy Hour this evening. So I’ll have even more suggestions next week.

Flying Dog BreweryUnderdog Atlantic Lager – Are you normally a Budweiser guy? Don’t like those foreign beers like Leinenkugel? That’s an inside joke. Do you want to look cool by having a micro-brew with that same old taste? I give to you Underdog Atlantic Lager. It works as beer but the flavors and looks aren’t complex.

Left Hand Brewing Company400 Pound Monkey – This beer is an English style India pale ale. If more IPAs were like this one, I’d drink more of them. My assumption drinking this beer was that they were going to have 400 pounds of hops in the bottle. I was wrong. On their site, they say they use a different color hops which definitely has a different flavor. They also use a bready malt which may make the difference too. If you’re not a big IPA guy like myself, drink a bunch of these then go fling your poo like a 400 Pound monkey.

Shiner BeersFM 966 Farmhouse Ale – Make sure you hit their website. It’s one of the better ones that I’ve seen. They “pour” you a beer when you want to look at which type. This beer is named after the road from Shiner, Texas to the farm market. It was meant to be a spring beer. It’s refreshing like spring. It is similar to the Atlantic Lager but it packs more punch in the flavor department without being too complex.

Enjoy a Sippy Time Beer this weekend. -Kevin

56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania III’s Best Matches

OK, we know what the best match was at WrestleMania III. It wins by default and will be recognized as such. So feel free to go off the grid on this one; did any other matches at WMIII stick out to you for any reason? The opening tag team match? The six-man tag? The midget match? Maybe even the aging Harley Race and the bulging Junkyard Dog waddling around the ring with each other? Vote not with your head, but with your heart, and let’s see who comes in No. 2.

@RealDDP and @JakeSnakeDDT invite Scott Hall to Page’s successful sober house

I know our usual modus operandi here at Stunt Granny is to poke fun at pro wrestlers’ misgivings. It’s cathartic when you find out that your heroes are fallible. Kinda like the first time you beat your dad in basketball or learn to cook meth more efficiently than he does. I can’t in good conscience poke any fun at this. In fact, Jake Roberts and, hopefully, Scott Hall are the feel-good stories of the year thanks to Diamond Dallas Page. Spend 10 minutes watching this video. I come from a shitty small town in North Central Iowa where daily exercise includes four 3-minute rounds with your wife. I’ve heard people talk the way Scott Hall talks here. I’ve felt bad for people I know. I almost feel worse for this guy I don’t know. But I’m pleased that he’s agreeing to get help from Page, who has shown that he could help the once-unhelpable Roberts. I’m sure we’ll get regular check-ins on YouTube; let’s hope for the best. -Eric

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