Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Review: Looper

Metropolis - Final

So yeah, Looper came out in 2012 and the Blue-Ray came out a month ago but things happen so I just got around to watching it. There was an apprehension watching it so late since there has been nothing but glowing reviews for the movie. Whenever hype builds up on something and you come in late to it the results are usually a mixed bag. Fortunately Looper was worth all of the hype. Discarding any attempts to explain time travel logic is the best part of this film. Why waste time contemplating and going over different theories when you can’t prove the impossible in the first place? Instead it sets out and tells a unique story with some pulp elements that moves swiftly. When it does slow down near the middle act it introduces one of the better child actors possibly ever in Pierce Gagnon. Child actors are nearly always the worst part of any movie but the performance drawn out of this kid needs to be mentioned. Is Looper without fault, of course not? There is little explanation for the settings and in some aspects it does underwhelm. Those details though are far outweighed by the overwhelming positives.  -Jeremy

Stunt Granny Audio #216

Dusty & Eric break the shardz of newz on this week’s Stunt Granny Audio! You can’t imagine how much pro wrestling talk the guys indulge in, but only after discussing the girl who flipped off the judge, the char-broiled ex-cop, the Harlem Shake, Robin Williams’ new sitcom, Ricki Lake’s plug getting pulled, the new season of “Survivor,” how hot Amanda Bynes is/was, Oscar Pistorius shooting his girlfriend, the Pope resigning (and the truth to the fact that there was once a female Pope), and so much more! Including lots of pro wrestling talk! So click, listen, and enjoy.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #216

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