Stunt Granny Conversation: Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10: Home Sweet Home


Welcome back everyone it is another week and another episode of Walking Dead to go over. Just as a courtesy there are spoilers ahead so make sure and watch the episode first. If you don’t well keep your bitching to yourself.

Jeremy: SO we are back again and let’s talk about last night’s episode, Home Sweet Home. What ya think?

Kevin: It is official; Lori ate a lot of food as soon as she got off set.

Jeremy: See I notice there is a difference but not as much as you have, I need to go back and watch the second season again.  Which, by the way, if you haven’t seen they are replaying the series in black and white in Thursdays. Adds a very cool dynamic to the show.

Kevin: I was interested when they did that a while ago for the first episode but didn’t watch. I may have to this time around.

Jeremy: Caught the first two last week and it definitely changes the atmosphere.  But enough promotion, especially free promotion, not even sure where to start with this episode since a lot happens.

Kevin: We can stick with Lori and crazy Rick who is seeing her after a week at Five Guys.

Jeremy: OK, well, one part of it I do like is that he at least admitted she isn’t real. He is just off on his Looney Tunes streak right now.

Kevin: That was good to know. I know I’m jumping some but did the end snap him out of it?

Jeremy: You would think so, which is the best case scenario. hey tend to drag out these sort of things so a resolution would be best.  Just like they resolved the Daryl/Merle coming back to the prison issue already.

Kevin: They wasted no time with that. Nothing like throwing in a random baby to get Daryl to change his mind

Jeremy: It was such an inevitable storyline it was best to just cut it off. The second they left last week you knew Daryl was making the dramatic rescue. His issues with Merle though were a surprise.

Kevin: They filled in some back history with them so you know one of them is getting whacked soon

Jeremy: Have to figure Merle goes soon because if I am mistaken he actually showed empathy. He was tearing up when he saw Daryl’s scars. So they were both abuse victims and Merle, the older brother, took off leaving little Daryl behind. Helps explain the relationship with Rick as well.

Kevin: Yes it does and Merle is my candidate to die too. Unfortunately, they’ll be taking the funniest part of the show off. He’s such an asshole that it’s a riot.

Jeremy: See, I was thinking the opposite. I really don’t like him at all and usually I root for guys like that. He just gets under the skin.

Kevin: You’re going soft in your old age.

Jeremy:  Not sure what it is about the character. There is humor there but the disruptiveness he brings over shadows it.  There has been a deliberate scheme to show just how morally different the two are. Daryl is the seemingly innocent and righteous one. He saved a pack of people for no reason.  Of course it did give us the best zombie kill of the season.

Kevin: There were a handful of good zombie kills in that one. Are you talking about decapitation by trunk?

Jeremy: Well smashing the head by hatchback indeed.  You can tell the fx department has a lot of fun with those.

Kevin: As they should.  The only job that has got to be close to that much fun is Mythbusters. They love killing zombies in various and sundry ways

Jeremy: One storyline I am totally lost on is the Glenn and Maggie drama. It got worse this week and I have no idea why they are bickering. Shouldn’t that traumatic experience have drawn them closer together?

Kevin: Lots of questions for that relationship. She didn’t get raped so, why is she so freaked out? Now that Glenn knows that, shouldn’t he have stepped back the anger a bit?

Jeremy: In her defense there was a serious issue of hopelessness. She was powerless so she being freaked out is totally understandable. The Glenn part makes no sense, They are playing it like a high school drama. They have given no notice of their inner feelings. Glenn just seems pissed about getting beaten,

Kevin: If they let their inner feelings out, they’d be killed. Their characters know how the drill works. Glenn wants revenge, damn it

Jeremy: The weakest revenge plot apparently? Herschel tries to talk to him. He lies then takes off. What was he gone 15 min?

Kevin: Couldn’t have been too long to check out the breach.

Jeremy: I was under the assumption that he took off for Woodbury. Figured he was lying but that does make sense. Hears the gun shots or something and comes a truckin. When you first heard a truck coming you figure it is Glenn but it was a walker bomb instead

Kevin: Which I thought was fairly creative. The Governor is rounding into form as an asshole.

Jeremy: Yeah took a little bit. Mowing down the army battalion seems so long ago. Him just aimlessly firing the gun in the air cracked me up.

Kevin: Just making noise to attract as many zombies as possible. Awesome dick move on his part.

Jeremy: It was also a pivotal point of the show because they offed Axel with no warning and it seemed possible Rick was a goner.

Kevin: Axel fell into that “getting a personality” category. One head shot and then evidently the Governor couldn’t hit the broad side of a prison.

Jeremy: Yeah so I figure Martinez took the shot. It was a very good action sequence at the end.

Kevin: Much better than the shit show in Woodbury the week before.

Jeremy: Speaking of, do they have a thing for writing Andrea dumber and dumber every week?

Kevin: My girl turned to me this week “One thing is consistent on this show. Andrea being as dumb as a brick.”

Jeremy: they give you a small glimmer that she isn’t a total dummy. Her confronting Milton should be the “a ha” moment. If the governor gets back and she doesn’t go nuts then it is over. Just put a bullet in her head,

Kevin: The zombie’s might be more intelligent than her.

Jeremy: Just in that episode there were opportunities for her not to get distracted by shiny objects and she failed. Over and over. I am very curious how she is portrayed, if she is alive in the comics.

Kevin: She has a Moe Howard hairdo in the comics, allegedly.

Jeremy: Oh no, ok well I will definitely look her up, pics at least.

Kevin: I’m joking. I have no idea. That’s just the level of her stupidity.

Jeremy: I liked this episode but one thing really bothered me and, even though I try not to until we are done, I read some other blogs about it. Not one person pointed out that Daryl’s tattoo blatantly changed sides in between shots with him and Merle. It was horrible.

Kevin: I thought he had matching tattoos on both sides and all of those shots. In all of those shots.

Jeremy: No one side was bare and the other had the tattoo. I rewound it a few times.

Kevin: I noticed it then but just thought it was dual sided. No DVR to rewind but I can do that tonight. Who is going to call it out though? Merle? Rick when they get back to the prison?

Jeremy: No I meant in general production note.  Bad continuity assistant.

Kevin: That is true but I worry about those errors less those days. Unless it was a mistake that kept repeating itself.

Jeremy: Only reason I noticed was due to it being a crucial element. The scars on Daryl changed it all up for those two.  Even then I have always noticed things like that. Glasses being less or more full, clocks, hair, details.

Kevin: Fair enough. I think that sums things up well.


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