Jack Swagger just screwed up his WrestleMania plans

This is Jack Swaggers wife.

This is Jack Swaggers wife.

Jack Swagger just totally ruined his push last night by getting arrested for Dui and for possession of marijuana, well pot, but it is the same thing. Actually, why isn’t it marijuana? When has it become acceptable to put slang terms in news stories?

Moving on, Swagger has been off television for months doing whatever it is you do when creative wants to repackage you. He comes back strong and with a distinct storyline. All he has to do is ride the momentum in to a good paycheck from WrestleMania 29. Instead he blazes up and then gets caught.  There is a reason I barely cover wrestling now.

This buffoon’s gimmick is that he is a real American and is now starting up a “War” with illegal immigrants which of course heads right in World Champion Alberto Del Rio’s direction. What he fails to realize is that the very marijuana he smoked up, allegedly, more than likely came from Mexico. He rails against the very people he exploits? God damnit, social issues are a bitch especially when you are a reasonable human being.

That really has nothing to do with anything though, the fact here is Swagger is a gigantic dumbass. He was given this push based on, um, well, yeah, um, nothing. So first thing he does is totally screw it up. Yeah WWE is toting the company line and saying he is responsible for his own actions and they are totally correct. He could have smoked up at the airport and not gotten behind the wheel and put himself and others in danger.  At least Big Show will still be available to knock out Swagegr and take Del Rios shot. Of course he will lose but it will turn in to the first WrestleMania money in the bank cash in. See, fantasy booking. I still got it.  -Jeremy

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