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I’m guessing neither Prime Wrestling or Jeremy Hovan (designer) will object to me using this jpeg.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. The big news is that the Prime Championship match will be wrestled under relaxed rules. “Amazing” N8 Mattson was the first out with Benjamin Boone in tow. Bryan Castle was his opponent. Castle used his size early. Matt Mason has diverticulitis. Mattson tried to slam Castle. It got reversed. Boone distracted Castle so that Mattson could attack him from behind. Mattson drop kicked him low. Boone took advantage while Mattson distracted the referee. Mattson drop kicked Castle in the knee. Mattson got a two count from a second rope leg drop. Mattson missed a charge in the corner. Castle connected with punches, clothesline and axe handles. Mattson reversed into a Code Breaker for a two count. Boone tried to distract Castle who whacked him with Mattson in the fireman’s  carry position. Mattson got spun onto Castle’s back for a package Stunner and a Castle win.

Analysis: Fun opening match. They could turn this into a match for Wrestlelution between Castle & Boone since they’re closer size wise. Score: +1.

Marti Belle got to introduce herself. She said that many of the men in the crowd don’t have experience with women like Prime Wrestling. Jessie Kay was her opponent. Kay arm dragged her several times. Belle tossed Kay by the ears. Belle strangled her on the second rope. Belle elbowed Kay. Belle reverse chin locked Kay. A Jaw jacker by Kay led to a neck breaker. They traded elbows by Kay won. Belle kicked out of a swinging neck breaker. Kay spine bustered Belle. Marti Belle hit the Reality Check for the win.

Analysis: Jessie Kay was as disappointing in the ring as she was awesome on the mic. Marti Belle didn’t get any help so I’ll wait and see on her. Score: 0.

Bobby Shields came out without covering his head. Bobby Beverly was next. Nicki Valentino came out with fanny packs for each Bobby. Beverly knocked Shields out of the ring. Beverly & Valentino traded blows. Shields attacked Beverly from behind. Valentino attacked Shields after a push by him. Valentino missed with a suicide dive. Beverly took over. Dombrowski tried to feed the “Simple man” stuff with Beverly. It’s not working. No one likes it. Shields tossed Beverly outside. Valentino attacked Shields. Shields put him on the top rope. Beverly kicked Shields. Tower of Doom. Beverly & Valentino punched away on Shields. Beverly suplexed Valentino. Shields attacked Beverly. Power sunset flip by Valentino on Beverly. The Bobbys double super kicked Valentino to the outside. Shields went for his finisher. Beverly reversed. Shields tossed Beverly into the referee. Shields fanny pack didn’t contain the chain. Beverly went for his fanny pack but nothing was in it. Beverly super kicked Shields. Valentino nailed Beverly with the chain. He tried to pin both Bobbys but failed. Shields went for his finisher on Valentino but got super kicked by Beverly. Valention groveled when Beverly found the chain. Beverly super kicked Valentino for the win.

Analysis: An excellent match. I liked showing that Valentino had more sense than he has been presented. LEt’s hope he gets even more smarts as they move along. I think he can do more than the goofy pet raccoon gimmick. Score: +1.

The Megalomaniacs (Marion Fontaine, Jeremy Madrox & Ricky Shane Page with Vic Travagliante) against Team Justin LaBar (Matt Cross, Gregory Iron and Matthew Justice) was up next. Cross started against Fontaine. Cross got in a standing moonsault early. Iron went to work on Fontaine. Madrox & Fontaine collided. Justice squared off against Page. Justice grabbed his knee. It looked to be legitimate. Iron was pitted against Madrox. Iron ended up taking the beat down from the Megalomaniacs. Nope, it sounds like the knee injury was a work if he is refusing care in the back. Iron finally fought his way out of a double team with Fontaine & Madrox. Cross came in and crushed everyone. Cross caught the heels with a top rope moonsault onto the floor. Cross missed a Shooting Star Press. Iron cross bodied the Megalomaniacs on the outside. Vic and LaBar fight. Justice grabbed the lap top from Maguire. He then cracked Iron with the lap top. Page covered Iron for the win. Dombrowski isn’t doing a great job trying to garner sympathy for LaBar or “the company”.

Analysis: They did a good job with the injury angle but it all makes sense now. Let’s hope they don’t forget about his heel turn like they did when he joined the Dead Wrestling Society. Justice gives them an interesting piece. He could really be the leader. The match was well wrestled. They took an intermission after this match so time for the read more button. Score: +1.


Benjamin Boone came out for his open challenge with N8 Mattson. Thomas Adams was his challenger. Boone squashed him. Boone complained that he wanted a challenge. Tony Johnson was next out of the back. Bear Trap Submission. Boone complained again. Jay Flash was his next opponent. Flash got in some offense but Boone took over with a spear. Boone power slammed him. Flash avoided a spear but still got kicked. Bear Trap Submission again. Analysis: It was what it was. Score: +0.

Gory & Kirst came out for the Dead Wrestling Society. They took on Aiden Vail & Logan Shulo, who is quite large. Shulo used his power to his advantage. Vail hooked up with Kirst. Shulo suplexed Kirst. Vail came back in. The DWS took over. Gory gave him a sling shot double knee drop. Shulo got the hot tag. The DWS ganged up on him. Vail tossed Kirst to the outside. Shulo buckle bombed Kirst. Gory made the save on a pin attempt. Gory hit his finisher on Vail. A Code Breaker by Gory led to a double stomp of the back by Kirst on Vail. Discus clothesline by Shulo on Kirst. Gory went low on Shulo for the DQ. The DWS then beat down Shulo.

Analysis: That was a fun match until the end. It was poorly reffed in some ways in that the illegal man was in too much for both teams. It was hard to keep track. It was well wrestled though. They were in a bind with the finish because Shulo couldn’t be pinned by either of the DWS because of the size discrepancy. Gory & Kirst can’t lose to new comers even if they stay singles wrestlers. Score: +1.

Louis Lyndon took on Michael “The Bomber” Facade for the TV Title. They bowed to each other before hooking up. They traded basic moves that were well executed. A spring board drop kick by Facade was the first big move of the match. Lyndon got knocked off the apron with a high kick. Louis dodged a dive to the outside. Lyndon nailed a moonsault after an adjustment. Lyndon went with a death lock. Lyndon dropped a knee off the second rope on the shoulder/neck area. Facade back body dropped Lyndon to turn it around. Lyndon chopped Facade. They knocked each other down with high kicks. Facade enziguried Lyndon on a rebound kick. A German Suplex got Facade a two count. Facade came up short on a 360 to the outside. Facade nailed a spring board enziguri. Lyndon countered Facade’s finisher. A Palm Thrust to the face got Lyndon a two count. Lyndon followed a bicycle kick with a modified enziguri. Lyndon got another two count. They battled for position on the top rope. Super Irashikagi Driver by Facade got him the win.

Analysis: I really enjoyed that match. The beginning was a little slow for me but they picked it up around the five minute mark. The only other mistake in the match was the missed flip to the outside. So it wasn’t perfect. I’ll take very good. Score: +1.

The main event was up next, Krimson challenging Johnny Gargano for the Prime Wrestling Championship. Justin LaBar came out to give a farewell speech when Nicki Valentino came out. He complained about celebrities in Prime Wrestling like LaBar. Valentino punched LaBar with the Tennessee chain. He wants to be part of the Megalomaniacs. Aaron Maguire acted surprised that Valentino wanted it but said he’d be welcome. The match started after that. They talked trash to start the match. Gargano kicked Krimson off the apron. He followed it with a suicide dive. Gargano kicked Krimson in the gut and suplexed him onto the floor. They traded chair shots to the back. Gargano launched a chair into Krimson’s dome. Krimson caught Gargano coming back into the ring. He dropped a big knee on a hanging Gargano’s chest. Krimson used a chair on Gargano’s back. Krimson sandwiched Gargano with a chair and slammed him. Krimson missed a dive and landed head first on a chair. Krimson got a two count after a clothesline. Krimson slammed Gargano face first into the title belt. Krimson slammed Gargano’s neck on a folded chair. Gargano caught Krimson with the sling shot spear. He only got a two count. Krimson clotheslined Gargano in the back of the head. RKO by Gargano on a chair trio set up by Krimson. Gargano drop kicked him in the corner twice. Witches Wheel by Krimson got a two count. Gargano ducked the mist and hit the referee. Gargano nailed Uniquely You but no one could count. Krimson clocked Gargano with a chair. The ref revived but Gargano kicked out. Gargano hit a second Uniquely You but Krimson kicked out. Gargano brought a table into the ring. Krimson perched Gargano on the top rope. Krimson put tacks on top of the table. Gargano fought out of a superplex attempt. He knocked Krimson onto the table & tacks. Gargano super kicked him for a three count. Vic Travagliante restarted the match. Krimson spit the mist in Gargano. Krimson nailed the Witches Wheel to win the Prime Wrestling Championship.

Analysis: Have I ever mentioned that I hate evil GMs? I’m not going to waste my time linking to the many times I’ve complained about it. The last good one was Vince McMahon when he fought Steve Austin. It’s just been a tired, over used crutch ever since then. Krimson had more than enough juice to just win the match on his own merit. He’s cut some of the best promos in wrestling, not just this league, over the past year. His wrestling is strong too. Add in relaxed rules and you get the cheap win with help from the Dead Wrestling Society. I don’t like the mixing of the Megalomaniacs and DWS either. The Megalomaniacs are in charge of the business that the DWS is trying to destroy. They’re trying to take your job. Why do you like these people? I’m sure it’ll be addressed but it makes no sense. I don’t want a larger firm to buy out my boss so that I can lose my job. Even though we all know “destroying the business” is also an over used crutch. I let it slide because of the quality of Krimson’s work. Vic Travagliante has a tough task ahead of him to deliver a sensible reason to join the groups or even explain why they partnered for this occasion. Hard to separate all of that anger and crutch using from a very good fight. It was more brawl than match but they both delivered. Score: +1. -Kevin

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