Stunt Granny Conversation: Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11: The Judas Of Woodbury


Yeah we may be a day late but sometimes life gets in the way ya know? So, out apologies on that front but then this episode was a downer. No, not emotionally a downer but just what we can agree was a slow down and breather episode. Who could have possibly gotten dumber this week? Who showed a jump in character that was startling? What goofs did they make yet again on the show? Was that the grossest zombie mutilation of the entire series? Here is your warning that there are spoilers but if you haven’t watched it by now and are reading this, well, it is on you for being Andrea.

Jeremy: The entire episode was a breather it felt like.

Kevin: Yes it did, which was needed. Two action-packed episodes even if the one was the mid-season finale.

Jeremy: I liked the small moments of the show. As much as some of it made no sense (recurring theme). Merle and Michonne stood out to me.

Kevin: Merle actually seemed sincere with the qausi-apology.

Jeremy: I think in his own way it was sincere. He honestly believes it should be ok since he was told to do it. Did it appear Michonne accepted?

Kevin: I’m not sure. They’ve given every little away with her emotional state except for when she confronted dumb bell Andrea.

Jeremy: She seemed to be resigned to him if anything. Just thinking “Well he is here.” They also tried to humanize him with Herschel. Unless this is all a tremendous set up.

Kevin: I wouldn’t think it was a set up just because the prison group is the main group and they’d be wiped out.

Jeremy: True enough, it was just an awkward issue. They have him locked up at one point and then he is free roaming.

Kevin: I was a little surprised by that. I was also surprised how little I remembered from the show. I forgot that the token black people had left the prison.

Jeremy: See that was one thing I was unclear of. I figured they just took off for a bit in to the prison. Seeing them in the woods was a real surprise.

Kevin: They didn’t show them last week so I thought the same thing. It was the only safe place they’d found and they’re just going to start running around the woods again? Plenty of space in that prison to stay away from the group.

Jeremy: Exactly. Not a great strategist. They did make aware that other parts of the prison were getting over run last week so it makes sense. But the gunfire and what not wouldn’t have been a deterrent?

Kevin: I guess they were far enough away they couldn’t hear it? See, it’s times like this that the ability to tell time in that show makes it hard to gauge what could/should have been done.

Jeremy: Yes the displacement of any sort of time is a serious flaw. Andrea leaves when the sun is high in the sky and gets back and it is dark.  Even though she walked there and drove back.

Kevin: They certainly didn’t show here there long enough for it to be a full day. If she snuck out, why is she being so obvious coming back?

Jeremy: Well, she did go straight to the Governor so she wasn’t trying to hide that fact. It  is another week and another “Andrea gets dumber” episode.

Kevin: It’s incredible how they make her dumber by the week. She’s like Idiot Intern. You don’t think they can get dumber, but somehow they do.

Jeremy: The very idea she thought they could work out a peace accord with all of the violence.  Especially when the Governor starts it and then goes back for more.

Kevin: But she doesn’t believe a lick of what the prison group tells her. They beat her over the head with logic and the Governor lies to her constantly. Hmm, which one should I pick?

Jeremy:  It’s as if they want to have a character with a mental handicap but aren’t going to pull the trigger on it. So, just use Andrea and make her as dumb as possible but still able to think.

Kevin: Inching closer to being as dumb as a zombie. Why did I not find her slinking out of bed to maybe kill the Governor sexy?

Jeremy: I would chalk it up to the fact she is borderline retarded. You knew she wasn’t going to do anything. Now if she had drawn and bloodied herself from slashing his throat. Pretty sure I would have tingled.

Kevin: I did like that Rick didn’t verbally cede control to Hershel & Daryl but did give it to them nonetheless.

Jeremy: At first yes, Then Andrea shows up and he bucks right up. His treatment of her cracked me up. First he tosses her to ground and treats her like a criminal. Then Rick dismisses her without a moment’s thought.

Kevin: He probably knows he’s going to get a brainless answer so he doesn’t even waste his time. Ghost Lori has a bigger brain.

Jeremy: Her only response to his act is “he has grown cold.” The revelation of that entire scene was Carol. From battered woman to hard ass.

Kevin: You nailed it. Best scene. Hold the baby; make baby noises, tells Andrea to slit the Governor’s throat.

Jeremy: With no remorse at all. If that doesn’t wake Andrea up it is time to bullet head her.  I just get the feeling all of that will be used on her side to side with the town until the big reveal.

Kevin: What’s the big reveal? She’s been a double agent and blows up Woodbury?

Jeremy: No that the Governor is as evil as they all made him out to be. Not sure how that can happen considering the information already presented but yeah.  Oh, we nearly forgot Michonne changing facial expressions and showing a level of hurt.

Kevin: It means it’s about time to kill her. We can’t be having people with emotions. Especially if they’re black.

Jeremy: Oh snap, no way they would do that though. Much like Axel there is too much to develop with her.  The audience knows literally nothing about her.

Kevin: She’s too cool of a character to kill her like Axel. At a minimum, she gets the Shane treatment. Andrea takes her out.

Jeremy: Outside of the prison, well, how about that curb stomp and dissection? One of the grossest moments in this series history.

Kevin: I had to tell the woman when to open her eyes back up. She tapped after the 1st arm amputation. I love their special effects department.

Jeremy:  When she set up for the curb stomp I was questioning sticking with it. I am happy I did. that was vile.  Milton had the correct response as the outsider worm, nerd.

Kevin: Yes he did. Underrated character on the show really.

Jeremy: His immediate ratting out of Andrea cracked me up and added to her dumbassness.  His constant cowering around the governor is very realistic. He was there as a scientist and now he is the right hand man to a warlord.

Kevin: His realism is a reason I think he’s underrated. Perfect smart toady character.

Jeremy: Outside of that I am trying to remember what other events we missed.

Kevin: Not much I can think of.

Jeremy: Sounds about right to me. Governors eye is bad and Andrea chickens out. Yup, about it.

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