56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania VIII’s Best Matches

Good job adding an I to last year’s curvy logo.

Playing catch-up here, so let’s get right into the vote for WrestleMania VIII’s best matches. I’ve stated many times that my favorite wrestling match is Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair from this card, but Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper was also brilliant for a handful of reasons, and who knows, maybe some of you liked Owen Hart vs. Skinner. Vote and let us know!

56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania VII’s Best Matches: Results

Here they are, the top two matches from WrestleMania VII: Superstars and Stripes Forever! The easy first-place winner is Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage in a career match with an ending that either brings tears to everyone’s eyes, or their shoes are on too tight. Second place took a little prodding but went to the underrated tag team title match between the Hart Foundation and the Nasty Boys, managed by Jimmy Hart, who of course “knows all your weaknesses,” Hart Foundation! Cackle cackle cackle! (Come on, even at 11 years old, who didn’t think it was suspect that Jimmy Hart was wearing a motorcycle helmet to ringside?)

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