#SippyTimeBeer Review – Cincinnati’s #Bockfest Part I


The trip this past weekend to Cincinnati for their annual Bockfest is worth two posts. I won’t bore you with details of my trip to Ikea although I am typing this article from my newly purchased lap top table. I’ll be doing a Saturday post which is about beer and food. The Sunday post will be about the Prohibition tour I went on and more beer & food. It was a packed two day trip. I’m sure something similar will be coming after our trip this weekend to Nashville. My girl & I will be meeting Jeremy down there so watch out.

Our first image of Cincinnati is the above picture. My girl & I were heading for our hotel when we ran into these people seeking justice. I still haven’t bothered to look up what the strike or demonstration was all about. I don’t care enough. They were probably out at the bars later in the evening with us. We ran into them as we were trying to find Skyline Chili to eat at. I mention it because I love it. A hot dog with runny chili (beanless) with piles of stringy cheddar cheese. What’s not to love?

After getting settled in the hotel, we headed to Cafe Martin which is in the Garfield Suites. We met my neighbors and their friend Sweet Tea. Yep, we actually called him that. I have no idea what his real name is. My younger brother & wife also met us there. We went there because of the tapping of a limited edition Moerlein Blockhead Bock. The brew master for Christian Morelein, Richard Dube, was on hand to serve it. Much to my surprise, when we got there, they were serving it for free for the first line. You can’t start off the night better than that. I suppose it could have though. After considering the rest of the night, this beer was the worst one. It was still a good beer.


Our next stop was Arnold’s Bar & Grill. It was opened in 1861 and looks every day of it in a very good way. It was an absolute zoo. I want to go back when it’s not that crazy. I wasn’t going to just come in and out of the bar though. I tried the Triple Digit Gravitator. It ended up being the best beer I had that night. I can’t find the percentage of alcohol but I’m pretty sure it’s really high because that kicked my ass. Despite moving everywhere to avoid waiters and fellow patrons was worth it. So was finding this gem of a sign in the two user restroom that was maybe twice the size of your average half bath. Kudos to my brother for spotting it but doppy didn’t take a picture so I actually went to the restroom specifically to take this picture.


The Drinkery was the next stop on our tour. I loved the name so I wanted to go. I grabbed a Hudepohl Bock. It was good but I don’t have anything sticking out in my mind about it. I’m guessing it might be the Gravitator’s fault. I got time to recover when we went to the Mayberry Gastropub. They had a special menu for the Bockfest that was fantastic. My girl & I are going to hit this place again. My brother & I split  an appetizer of sauerkraut potato pancakes with apple sauce & sour cream. The ladies split an appetizer of brown German pumpernickel with a bock beer cheese soup. My brother & I split beef cheeks with herbed spatzle and braised red cabbage. Our ladies split jagerschnitzle with bacon wrapped potatoes and mushroom sauce. I also grabbed a Privatbrauerei Franz Inselkammer KG. It’s a gigantic mouthful of German especially when you’re on beer number four and recording videos for your website.

At this point, we lost my neighbors and Sweet Tea. I still have no idea what happened to them. I know they got back to Cbus but no clue on their where abouts from this time frame. The remaining four went to MOTR Pub. My last beer of the night was from Christian Moerlein but it was their Emancipator Doppel Bock. I liked this one a lot better than the limited edition variety. We went to Rhinehaus to catch the end of the Columbus Crew match. I was in no need of extra beers and this place was the most packed of them all. I was happy to see the Crew pot goal number three which put them up three nil. I may not have had beer, but it did gave me the occasion to snap one last fantastic picture. -Kevin


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