CM Punk & John Cena’s Photo Journal From #Nashville Part II


John Cena respects my hustle in the gym even though he doesn’t have my loyalty.

My girlfriend’s mother decided to buy me WWE Rumblers for Christmas. I had been meaning to more with them before now. They were happy about their trip to Nashville. I posted these pictures over on our Facebook page but I’m never sure who sees that so I will re-post them here for your enjoyment. Let’s see what they did Saturday with some extra notes from the trip.

John Cena met me at hotel gym in the morning. It was nice of him to serve as my inspiration to bang out something on a vacation day. All three of us got the gym. We’re definitely getting old when we’re not so hung over we have to skip the gym. After getting cleaned up, we headed out to Belle Meade Plantation. They ushered you thru the gift shop to get your tickets.


John Cena is ready to go to war for the South.

I couldn’t pass up taking this picture. It’s almost a perfect scale for the WWE Rumblers. We wondered around the estate after buying our tickets and saw the family mausoleum, which I forgot to note in my Facebook post. It’s a not so minor note that wold have helped the post.


CM Punk wants to make the Undertaker to rest in sleep.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside of the mansion itself so no shenanigans for the guided tour portion of Belle Meade. I would have loved to have taken a picture of the bronzed hooves from one of the horses. Considering that the Bellas showed back up last night, it would have been a premonition of two horse faced Divas coming back. We moved on to some food at Hog Heaven which I highly suggest if you ever head to Nashville. The pulled pork was awesome. The Flying Saucer was the next venue that got hit so we could have some afternoon beers. I won’t review the beers in this post but I will post pictures and captions.


I can’t believe these drunks are taking me to another bar.

I never used any of CM Punk’s tag lines but I did use his straight edge standing to help me out with the next one. I think I put more thought into using John Cena’s triad of ideals than he ever has with this caption.

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Stunt Granny Conversation: Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 13: Arrow on the Doorpost


Yeah it is a day late but we needed some time to recover from our journeys in Nashville so calm down. This week’s episode of The Walking Dead: titled Arrow on the Doorpost was another place holder episode but it allowed viewers to get more involved with some of the peripheral characters before all hell eventually breaks loose. Who thinks Rick is still having lingering effects from his crazy spell? Did Hershel agree to war or was his silence a hook for next week? Who knew Beth knew how to shot a gun? Who is sacrificing her friends for some lovin? You ever screwed in a shed with zombies at the door?  Was there enough Daryl this week? Where did Maggie learn her MMA? How much do strategically lit sex scenes blow? Yeah there is more and beware of spoilers but really it is Tuesday afternoon; you should have watched already.

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