Stunt Granny Conversation: Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 13: Arrow on the Doorpost


Yeah it is a day late but we needed some time to recover from our journeys in Nashville so calm down. This week’s episode of The Walking Dead: titled Arrow on the Doorpost was another place holder episode but it allowed viewers to get more involved with some of the peripheral characters before all hell eventually breaks loose. Who thinks Rick is still having lingering effects from his crazy spell? Did Hershel agree to war or was his silence a hook for next week? Who knew Beth knew how to shot a gun? Who is sacrificing her friends for some lovin? You ever screwed in a shed with zombies at the door?  Was there enough Daryl this week? Where did Maggie learn her MMA? How much do strategically lit sex scenes blow? Yeah there is more and beware of spoilers but really it is Tuesday afternoon; you should have watched already.

Kevin: The first thing that stood out to me was the camera views. I think they do a good job with that most of the time but I really loved them this week.

Jeremy: there were a lot of crane shots and awkward perspective shots. Think it fit with the theme of the episode nicely.  I think we need to address Andrea right off the bat though.  Again, just gets dumber and it isn’t even in a conflicted way. She is just a weak person now. Total step back from where she was going.

Kevin: I found it to be her most understandable position though.  Despite knowing the Governor is causing the problem, she still likes the deep dicking she gets from him. She still feels a kinship to her original group too. Granted, it was an attempt in vain and she should have known that.

Jeremy: So basically what you are saying is she is choosing penis over friends?

Kevin: Doesn’t everyone? People do crazy shit when they’re in love.

Jeremy: I never considered her in love just drawn to him because of his charisma. He is as close to Shane as it gets right now. That entire situation got aborted really.

Kevin: She’s drawn to charisma like a fly to a bug zapper. Somehow, her fly has nine lives but keeps flying into the bug zapper.  Any situation gets aborted when someone turns into a zombie

Jeremy: Also, you have to figure getting a good lay in a zombie apocalypse may be rather difficult. Maybe you have swayed me in Andrea a bit.  Since we are on knocking boots, I will say I did not see the sex in a shed with zombies on the outskirts scene coming.

Kevin: I didn’t either. It made me realize how little Glenn & Maggie have been on this portion of the season. Always hoping to see more of Maggie than AMC will allow.

Jeremy: Well of course and boy that was an intense scene. After the escape from Woodbury they have been relegated to the background for the past episodes. It did show, starting inside the prison that they work well together and still have each others back. Merle found that out.

Kevin: Maggie going for the rear naked showed that the UFC must still be broadcasting in a zombie apocalypse. Glenn & she needed their moment before the battle broke out.

Jeremy: When she locked on the choke I just thought of her wrasslin cattle on the farm. Then out of the blue someone on the writing staff remembered Beth was in the prison.

Kevin: She’s gone all hardass recently. I think she did something else gun related either last week or the week before.

Jeremy: Well she was firing them during the shootout but there are enough pictures of monkeys firing guns on the internet. So consider me unimpressed. Going to your point though it was good to get their drama out of the way. Of course that means they are now a prime target for dismissal in the next few episodes

Kevin: You add Rick asking Hershel if he’s willing to sacrifice one of his daughter’s for Michonne. That almost makes it a lock Maggie is getting whacked.

Jeremy: Hmm, I as always of the mind that the easy one is Beth. The only storyline that girl has had is Carl giving her the looksee and Axel asking how old she was. She is bait for hormones essentially.

Kevin: She is more useless but isn’t there some type of shocking exit every season? No one wanted Shane to die.

Jeremy: True but Shane had a natural end. Beth dying would be like her brother, the RV driver going but without the “Who the hell was that?” statements.

Kevin: That is true. It doesn’t need to be a spectacular death. Many regular ones along the way. Seems a bit rough knocking off a child though in a gun fight.

Jeremy: Really at this pint they have done a rather good job of showing how the kids have adapted. So their death wouldn’t be near as shocking.

Kevin: They’ve keyed much more on Carl adapting to it but you’re right. I am still going with Maggie over Beth for the death ticketing.

Jeremy: Would be a surprise for sure. I would add Hershel and Judith to the pile. They have to  get rid of the gimp and baby if they are going to travel after all of that.

Kevin: I didn’t know they were traveling for sure after the battle. Seems logical they’d need to move on to feed Judith though. Why else move on from the prison?

Jeremy: Only reasoning is that the battle ruins the defenses. They have mentioned parts are getting over run again.

Kevin: Those lazy asses need to get to fixing. Most of them are there all day long. If zombies get in, another zombie bomb & an attack will really do the trick.

Jeremy: Every time they show zombies at the fence I wonder why they aren’t bumping them off. They don’t even need guns. Use a friggin rock, hammer, and knives, whatever.

Kevin : I was thinking that a lot last night. The caravan didn’t even knock anyone off in when they came back to the prison.

Jeremy:  Dang we got off track. We haven’t even gotten to the actual conflict of the show.  This is where the episode seemed like stalling, we had the foils meet each other or the entire episode.  I liked the interactions between the side characters. They were a welcome break from the tension inside the building.

Kevin : If you would have just let me talk about the camera angles, I would have gotten around to talking about Rick & the Governor earlier. That’s when I first noticed the camera shot from way behind them as they stared at each other. It was funny that Daryl & Henchman #1 agreed they’d be fighting soon enough.

Jeremy: yes they set up the far shots for the scope and as the tension grew all the shots were closer. Really good work there. The gun tease was a nice piece of work as well.

Kevin : Yes it was. I also figured that every fan boy would say the same thing I’m about it type. After all of the talking in the episode, the silence at the end from Hershel said the most.

Jeremy: I take it you mean after Rick told him about Michonne? If so, I took it as contemplative but not agreeing.

Kevin : He told Hershel to talk him out of his war decision then Hershel stayed silent. How is there interpretation in there?

Jeremy: His silence could be taken as thought with the way they edited it. He didn’t have a chance to respond. I am thinking there was a reason Rick told him. Hershel is the voice of reason now but at the same time he will protect the daughters.  You are taking his silence as an agreement to go to war right?

Kevin : Yeah, that’s why I didn’t feel there was much wiggle room because it came after Rick told Hershel about the Michonne offer. Hershel saw the first attack and doesn’t trust the Governor to keep his word either.

Jeremy: Ya know I forgot all about Hershel’s involvement, well sort of. Makes more sense. At the same time he could be gearing up to tell Rick to just run.  One thing, and this goes to the meeting. Rick isn’t stupid and he has shown a propensity now to do what is needed. I seemed out of character not to just pop The Governor when he had a chance.

Kevin : I think it was out of character because he’s been out of his mind. They’re still playing that up some. Rick’s ticks in the meeting were a sign of it.

Jeremy: I like how we have totally different perspectives. I though those were Rick trying to hold himself back. He was emotionally trying to stay in control when it was clear the Governor was trying to manipulate him. Bringing up dead families and wives and daughters. You could say Rick isn’t a good poker player or he is a great one.

Kevin: I would imagine the outcome of the coming war would tell which answer it is.


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