Phoenix Coyotes New Championship Belt

Coyotes Championship Belt

For those of you who don’t watch that much NHL hockey, there seems to be a kinship between them and professional wrestling. The latest example is this championship belt from the current Phoenix Coyotes which I first saw on the Puck Daddy blog over at Yahoo! Sports. Mikkel Boedker was the recipient of this new belt which replaced John Cena’s spinner belt. They seem to have modeled it after the new WWE Championship. It is possible since the Rock debuted the belt back on the February 19th show. I have no idea how long it takes to manufacture one but it’s possible given the month gap between their respective debuts. They both have the symbols flanking the head piece, the company logo in the middle and wording underneath. The Coyotes’ belt to me looks more like a championship belt because the Rock’s belt has a lot of void space that shows the black leather backing. I think gaudy when I think championship so more shiny = more official. The players on the Coyotes clearly care about wrestling so I only have one last question. If the Coyotes win the Stanley Cup, I wonder if they’ll say they’re going to Wrestlemania instead of Disney World? -Kevin

Belt_Rock Style

56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania XI’s Best Matches

The colors, man!

Well, this one’s a no-brainer: There *is* no best! Nope, no amount of cocaine could push even Lawrence Taylor to a good match. (Acceptable at best, come on, people.) So vote for the lesser of all seven evils, and let’s see where the chips fall. (Hey, wait, LT was a New York Football Giant, why isn’t he appearing at this year’s event? Would it kill WWE to put him in the Hall of Fame? Oh, yes, yes it would. Never mind.)

56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania X’s Best Matches: Results

Alright, here are your no-brainer winners from WrestleMania X: Doink & Dink vs. Bam Bam & Luna, and Earthquake vs. Adam Bomb! If the videos above look slightly different than that, it’s because your vertical horizontal is out on your monitor.

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