Stunt Granny Audio #219


Halleluiah and praise the heavens everyone it is The Audio Experience. Yes, Stunt Granny proudly presents to you Stunt Granny Audio #219. Dusty and Jeremy are reunited after a short spell and they talk all sorts of words. They discuss the Detroit Tigers closer situation. Why you may ask? Well Dusty is in full fantasy baseball mode and needs a steal to come in better than eighth place. They then talk about the different sports venues they have visited and decide just what famous landmarks hold no interest to them. What has happened to wrestling? Is it even worth discussing without going over the same old same old? Is it possible to discuss wrestling now without being totally negative or defeated? Who doesn’t feel like it any longer and why? Who forced our heroes in to a wrestling discussion it the first place? The answer is a surprise as well.  So, in order to find out all you have to do is download the show and give it a listen.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #219


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