#SippyTimeBeer Review – Jackalope, Hap & Harry, & Yazoo

Jackalope Hap Harry Yazoo

In Nashville, I had six beers unless you count the swill I got for free at the manager’s reception at the hotel. Like normal, I will do the reviews in batches of three. All of these three beers happen to be brewed in Nashville.

Jackalope Brewing CompanyRompo Amber Ale – We needed some food and wanted it to be local so we hit the downtown area. Nothing will get me to go in easier than when you call yourself  Broadway Brewhouse & Mojo. It’s got to be good because it’s local, right? If you’re into average bar food, go for it. If you’re just looking for a good beer selection though, it delivered. I knew coming into the trip I’d try only beers brewed in Tennessee or other beers I couldn’t get in Ohio. I love amber ales so that why I started with the Rompo Amber Ale. It was not a wise choice. The flavor profile was flat. It had the normal amber characteristics but nothing stuck out.

Hap & Harry’sLynchburg Lager – We moved on to Honky Tonk Central after finishing our food. I decided to switch companies even though another Jackalope was available. Never rate a company by one beer. If that were the case, I would have stopped trying Great Lakes after they came out with Grassroots Ale several years ago. It tasted like drinking dirt. Needless to say, that flavor didn’t survive to see a second year of brewing. I was hoping for a better flavor though and the Lynchburg Lager didn’t do the trick. It was the best of the three on Friday night but that isn’t saying much. It was an average beer.

Yazoo Brewing CompanyDos Perros Amber Ale – We debated going to the Yazoo Brewery but by the time we looked into it, the tours for Saturday were already sold out. I had heard of this company through a new friend who lived in Tennessee until recently. I figured that another amber ale was in order to wash out the bland taste from earlier. I found another beer that was similarly flat.

Friday was not a good night for beer. Tennessee was not looking like a beer haven. It’s good that things are always darkest before the dawn. Part II will be coming soon. Maybe we should have taken the Pedal Tavern because working for my beer would have made me appreciate average a little bit more. -Kevin

56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania 2000’s Best Matches

What’s the Roman numeral for 2000? Anyway, this was the biggest WrestleMania of the past five years without WWF’s biggest star, Steve Austin, on the card, so WWF went into heavy PR mode, including getting each of the four main-event participants a guest-host gig on Saturday Night Live. It was still an odd card, with only one singles match, for the Women’s Title. Somewhere in the chaos was one or two matches worth voting for, so have at it!

56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania XV’s Best Matches: Results

I had to vote for Butterbean vs. Bart Gunn just so we’d have a second match with votes. And rightfully so: This was a pretty lackluster WrestleMania, all things considered. The Steve Austin vs. Rock match wasn’t even the best of their matches that year. Oh well.

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