#SippyTimeBeer Review – Calfkiller, Turtle Anarchy & Yazoo

Calfkiller Turtle Anarchy Yazoo

After we had gone to the Belle Meade Plantation and Hog Heaven, we hit a nice beer refuge called the Flying Saucer. They have quite a few locations around the country, most of which are in the south. If you get the chance to check one out, do it. The soft pretzels were fantastic. If one is really close, you can get into the U.F.O. Club which gets you a fancy gold plate on the ceiling and or walls for drinking 200 beers and dropping $18. I would gladly take that deal if the closest location weren’t Nashville.

Calfkiller Brewing CompanyBrown Recluse – I used to walk into record stores and purchase random CDs because of their names. I do the same thing now, except with beers. I was looking for a new beer company to try and even though Calfkiller’s tap said seasonal, I was all in. The flavor ended up being named after a spider which is native to the area. They are based out of Sparta KY which was another change. All of these changes paid off in taste. It was a tasty brown ale that reminded me of something like Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale. There was hope for beer from Tennessee after all.

Turtle Anarchy Brewing CompanyPortly Stout – Most stouts will make you feel portly after you drink them and this one is no different. It had a heavy coffee taste to it which doesn’t bother me even though I don’t drink coffee. It had a good rich taste though and went well with the pretzel as seen in the picture. It cooled off the spicy mustard dip. This company is out of Franklin TN so…

Yazoo Brewing CompanyHefeweizen – …I went back to beers brewed in Nashville. As I said in the first part, you need to try a company’s whole body before you can judge it. This beer had no fancy name to attached to it after a couple of creative names. Just like the name, there didn’t seem to be anything fancy about this beer which was great. It was a good crisp and just spiced enough hefeweizen that went down very quickly after two thicker beers.

I didn’t get a chance to sample more varieties from Yazoo but I will try to the next time I’m down a little further south. Two beers is far too small a sample size from a company that has eight beers amongst which is another amber ale. I’d be more than happy to try more beers from the other companies too. I like to drink local so remember, when you buy a growler from a local beer company, everyone wins. -Kevin

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