Vote Now: 56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania 22’s Best Matches

Hey, it’s the first WrestleMania attended by Eric, and the first WrestleMania attended by more than one member of the Stunt Granny crew (Dusty & Eric). A hell of a weekend, capped off with a pretty damn good card. Which matches do you remember most fondly?

Reid Flair dead at 25

(L to R) Reid Flair, Ricky Steamboat Jr., George South, Dillon Eaton

Wow, this is never news you expect to see. According to by way of, Reid Flair, son of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, is dead at the age of 25. No parent should ever have to bury his son, and to be frank, given Ric’s on-air statement “I will only retire when I am dead in this ring,” we’re doubly shocked about the news. Condolences to the family of Reid Flair. -Eric

The Walking Dead Survival List

Some of us aren't going to make it. Right T-Dog?

Some of us aren’t going to make it. Right T-Dog?

This Sunday brings us the season three finale of The Walking Dead. If you have been watching or just reading our coverage here then you know that business is about to close for the group. All season long has been the build to a final, probably, battle between the residents of the prison and the militia from Woodbury. Kevin and Jeremy give their predictions without knowing any of the spoilers so check it out and use it as a scorecard for Sunday as characters get bumped off. Well, I mean there should be people dying Sunday. Jeez, I sure hope so or we are going to look really silly.

The Prison


They have knocked off some big names on this show but he’s the main character even if the show is more of an ensemble cast. – 100% Survival Chance. -Kevin

Early in the season there were rumors that season three show runner Glen Mazzara had intended to kill off Rick and that is what led to his dismissal. It would have been a risky move since he seems to be one of a few untouchables in the series. There is 1% chance Rick gets the axe during or after the battle. He is the rallying point and the group’s core. Although it may make for interesting television the move would be too unpopular.  99% chance of survival. -Jeremy


This kid has been chomping at the bit to see more action. He’s finally going to get it. There’s a new kid on the block so he’s expendable. – 70% Survival Chance.-Kevin

Carl has slowly grown from season to season and there is just too much story left for him. His relationship with his father has yet to be explored fully. How does a boy come of age in a zombie apocalypse?
85% chance of survival.-Jeremy

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