The Walking Dead Survival List

Some of us aren't going to make it. Right T-Dog?

Some of us aren’t going to make it. Right T-Dog?

This Sunday brings us the season three finale of The Walking Dead. If you have been watching or just reading our coverage here then you know that business is about to close for the group. All season long has been the build to a final, probably, battle between the residents of the prison and the militia from Woodbury. Kevin and Jeremy give their predictions without knowing any of the spoilers so check it out and use it as a scorecard for Sunday as characters get bumped off. Well, I mean there should be people dying Sunday. Jeez, I sure hope so or we are going to look really silly.

The Prison


They have knocked off some big names on this show but he’s the main character even if the show is more of an ensemble cast. – 100% Survival Chance. -Kevin

Early in the season there were rumors that season three show runner Glen Mazzara had intended to kill off Rick and that is what led to his dismissal. It would have been a risky move since he seems to be one of a few untouchables in the series. There is 1% chance Rick gets the axe during or after the battle. He is the rallying point and the group’s core. Although it may make for interesting television the move would be too unpopular.  99% chance of survival. -Jeremy


This kid has been chomping at the bit to see more action. He’s finally going to get it. There’s a new kid on the block so he’s expendable. – 70% Survival Chance.-Kevin

Carl has slowly grown from season to season and there is just too much story left for him. His relationship with his father has yet to be explored fully. How does a boy come of age in a zombie apocalypse?
85% chance of survival.-Jeremy


Lil’ Asskicker is the only other person I think is safe in a shoot out scenario. If a hoard of zombies were coming, I wouldn’t feel so confident. – 100% Survival Chance.-Kevin

As a reminder, Judith is the baby that also goes by Lil Ass Kicker. Judith is also a distraction and a bad plot device. A baby in a zombie apocalypse is just not good television. The emotional depth the character will bring to the others only rests in death. It also clears up former plot points that moving forward is no longer needed. If our band of survivors is going on the move Judith is not going along.
7% chance of survival.-Jeremy


He had a good talk with Martinez during the negotiation process between the Governor & Rick. He’s been featured a lot recently especially with his brother in the prison which is never a good sign for survival. – 60% Survival Chance.-Kevin

Absolutely no chance of Daryl being killed. He is the shows breakout character. Again, there is too much story for his character. He finally experienced a loss that seemingly everyone in the group has already. How does he deal with the death of his brother or someone else he cares for?  Killing off Daryl “Mother Fucking” Dixon is a kin to cutting your head off for shock value.  90% chance of survival.-Jeremy


He has barely been featured since nearly being killed in Woodbury. He got to do the dirty deed with the eye candy of the show Maggie. Glenn then lopped off a zombie’s finger to propose to her last week. – 15% Survival Chance.-Kevin

Ahh now we get in to tricky territory. The Walking Dead has a habit, well pattern, of giving a character their moment and then bumping them off almost immediately. Remember Axel? Glenn has had his moment over and over in season three. He went hardcore on that zombie while tied to a chair. He got it on with Maggie with zombies at the door. His relationship with Maggie is mended and moving forward. So why not bump him off? It isn’t out of the question since Glenn, more than any other character, has grown so much. He went from boyish and weak to manly and strong. Timing seems right. 50% chance of survival.-Jeremy


See above. Let’s hope the eye candy survives though. – 25% Survival Chance.-Kevin

Maggie is still kind of a blank slate on the show. She is so closely identified by her relationship with Glenn that you have no real feel for who she is as a person. Season two gave us a better glimpse of her character but it has taken a backseat in season three. More can be explored with her especially if Glenn does get the sendoff. More can be explored with her if her father and sister go bye bye as well.  Maggie’s fate though is based solely off of Glenn’s fate which makes it rather hard to gauge. It sure seems a bit obvious she or Glenn is a goner but a sure thing usually isn’t.
60% chance of survival.-Jeremy


He is a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. They’ve depended on him for sage old advice just like Dale. They can find another oracle. – 35% Survival Chance.-Kevin

See ya later stumpy. Hershel took over Dale’s role as the conscience of the group. He may have defaulted or appeared weak by going along with Rick more times than not but he provided that strong voice when needed. Practically, Hershel was on borrowed time as soon as he lost his leg. He has made peace with his daughters and handed Maggie over to Glenn essentially. Sure it leaves Beth all alone but then there is a certain prepubescent by lurking for her. It was fun Hershel but one leg and using crutches to prop you up is a tactical disadvantage. 5% chance of survival.-Jeremy


We need to be creeped out in future episodes by having Beth & Carl hook up as pre-teens. They will fail to keep the living world around even if they procreate. – 70% Survival Chance.-Kevin

Who? Oh is that the teenage chick Axel was hitting on and Carl made eyes at early in the season? The girl most closely associated with death did try and kill herself already so this emo chick in waiting may as well get a move on and join her dad. There is so little about Beth it is a wonder she made it this far. Actually, it does make sense; they needed fodder for the finale. Her death along with Hershel gives Maggie a bigger sense of loss as well and can become a relationship issue for her and Glenn if they both survive. 10% chance of survival.-Jeremy


This woman has gotten through a lot including being a prime target of an earlier Woodbury attack. Since she hasn’t had many character fleshing out events, I figure she’s pretty safe. – 80% Survival Chance.-Kevin

Oh Carol, you were thought dead this season even though you didn’t die on screen. Well she isn’t going to be so lucky this time around. The former battered wife has finally shown some stones and it was even pointed out by Merle but it won’t matter. Season three gave her very little to do other than hold the baby and load guns. Her relationship with Daryl went nowhere so unless there is more planned for that she is another side character getting the dirt nap. 15% chance of survival.-Jeremy


She’s still the katana bearing bad ass. She got some character time this part of the season and is the brunt of the Governor’s wrath. The good guys always survive when the odds are the longest. –85% Survival Chance. -Kevin

There is just too much unexplored territory with Michonne. Hell, she barely spoke until the final few episodes of season three. We have caught very few glimpses of her past as well. Outside of a sword and dreads we, the audience, know very little of her. She is too much of a fan favorite Daryl Dixon) to even consider bumping off. 95% chance of survival.-Jeremy


The Governor

Everyone loves a good villain. He was a terrible one at first but he has been upgraded in jack assery quite a bit recently. I hope he doesn’t die but any villains chances to die are higher than a hero’s. – 60% Survival Chance.-Kevin

The Governor: If the Governor had maintained his cool and collected façade from earlier in the season this would be a much harder prospect to mull over. The Governor, over the last four episodes, has slowly lost his cool while slowly losing his grip as undisputed leader of Woodbury. The dual aspect of his character crumbling to just his sadistic side make it seem like this is the end of the run. He was outsmarted by Merle until a walker messed it all up. Maybe this makes him tactically smarter for the battle or maybe it makes him lose his grip further leading to his demise. The idea of him truly losing his marbles and hunting the group down next season or being the boogeyman to the group is intriguing.  Wow, talk about being on the fence.  50% chance of survival. (Yeah yeah total cop out. So what.)-Jeremy


She’s got herself in a pickle. Neither side likes her and neither does the audience. Congratulations on being the biggest heel that could die. – 40% Survival Chance.-Kevin

Is there a more useless and frustrating character on this show? Andrea showed progress at the end of season two when she finally created her own opinions and then they toss her in Woodbury where she went cockdrunk. Her simplistic “Can’t we all get along” message to the group and to the Governor is grating. She is too weak to make a decision and when she does she isn’t smart enough to follow through properly. If there was ever a time to die it would have to be this. It also helps that she is tied to a torture chair so it seems kind of obvious she survives. The situation is just too dire for her to get killed off. 70% chance of survival.-Jeremy


He’s got himself in a pickle too. He would be a nice replacement for Hershel if he died. I’d like to see more experiments on zombies and he’s just the man. – 65% Survival Chance.-Kevin

This one is painful to write but all signs point to Milton being a goner. There is still a good amount of story potential if he survives but come on. He is the voice of reason, much like Hershel, for The Governor. Unfortunately The Governor is on to his shenanigans and even warned him so. The man of science has a place in a world devoid of hope and faith for the most part. His interaction with Hershel about documenting these ties was spot on. He is a man of science and it doesn’t bode well for his survival. He probably ends up freeing Andrea like a douche and gets killed for it when it should be the other way around. 20% chance of survival. -Jeremy

Caesar Martinez

He’s a loyal foot soldier. Even if I’ve grown fonder of him, right hand men are ripe for killing in any genre. Throw in the whole zombie apocalypse and things are looking more grim than normal. – 20% Survival Chance.-Kevin

Wait Martinez wasn’t his first name? Who knew? Well he got his one moment with Daryl. He is a goner for sure but the fun will be in how he goes. Does Daryl take him out? Does he go the way of Ben and get a bullet out of the blue? 2% chance of survival.-Jeremy


The power to turn the tide of this battle are in his hands. He has had runs ins with both the Governor & Rick so his allegiance isn’t very strong to anyone except his bitchy woman. He’s a terrible shot which does bring down his survival rate in a gun fight. – 65% Survival Chance.-Kevin

I stopped reading the comics before Tyreese was introduced and know very little of his character, What was made clear on the show is that he has a conscience and just wants to survive. He will do what is needed to ensure his safety as well as the safety of those around him. What he has working against him though is the fact he is a black guy in The Walking Dead universe. There seems to be so much potential with him so he should be safe. After all, he has to be a pretty good badass to walk through the woods with a claw hammer and survive that long. As long as his fate doesn’t include shooting anything he will be fine. 80% chance of survival. -Jeremy


I’ve got no idea what to think of this rudderless woman. Her best feature is being able to shot better than her brother which does raise her survival rate slightly above his. – 70% Survival Chance.-Kevin

So what do we now of Sasha? She can shoot a gun. She speaks out but differs to her brother when told. At first I thought it was Tyreese’s girlfriend or wife but apparently it is his sister. So yeah, she has received quite the character development. She really isn’t needed and can be used as a catalyst to join the survivors. 30% chance of survival.-Jeremy


He seems like perfect fodder to get Tyreese to change his mind. The Governor has been known to turn on his own people. – 15% Survival Chance.-Kevin

Allen was dead as soon as they left the prison. His fate was further cemented with the death of his son Ben. His conflict with Tyreese is silly and came out of the blue. It was a last ditch effort to give him some sort of character. It didn’t work. 10% chance of survival.-Jeremy

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