#PrimeWrestling – #PressureRising Interviews II

barometerPrime Wrestling decided to do review shows from their iPPV on regular TV. I won’t review the matches since I already did that here. They didn’t show the matches in their entirety but they showed the ends to all of the matches. I’m not a fan especially since they were still shilling the iPPV. DJ Korey was our host.

Benjamin Boone was mad about not having an opponent. He invited anyone from past or present to fight him. Analysis: What else can you do when you have no opponent and no direction in character? Not his best work.

Melissa introduced Aiden Veil & Logan Schulo. They talked about their band and didn’t act all that excited. Analysis: She was more peppy than them. I don’t care for the band thing because they sound more serious about it than 3MB. You need to tie the theme into the promos more if you’re going to be serious. I’m thinking something like Fandango. You could cheese it up and say “We’re going to drum our opponents out of the ring.” It needs a bit of a spark but these guys are a first show team. I’ll give them some leeway.

Louis Lynden did his promo in black & white while wearing an old Chinese straw hat. Lyndon talked about how big the match with Michael Facade was for him. He said he wanted to shine and prove himself in Prime Wrestling. The crane will fly in new directions. Analysis: Lyndon brings something fresh. I dig his metaphors even though I’d beat most people up about it.


Justin LaBar gives his good bye speech. I enjoy the crowd chanting “You got fired” again. I fast forwarded through the rest of the segment with Nicki Valentino. Time saving all over this episode since this was covered in my iPPV review.

Krimson got a video. “A good man would prefer to be defeated rather than defeat injustice by evil means” was his theme against Johnny Gargano. He said he’s going to put Gargano to the test at Pressure Rising. He said he will be resurrected like the morning star. Johnny Gargano said that Krimson makes a living getting in people’s heads but he can’t do that to him. Gargano said he is in Krimson’s head. He told Krimson it will be his darkest day and that he’ll shine like a bright star. Gargano concluded by saying he’d still be champion after Prime Wrestling. Analysis: Krimson is still adding to his catalog of good or great promos. I wonder if he’s the one searching for the philosophy quotes week in and out. Gargano continues to round out his body of work on the mic. Good work for the main event.

This episode was stranger than the first one because the only back and forth promos were about the main event between Krimson and Gargano. Gory & Kirst didn’t get to counter Veil & Shulo. The TV Champion Michael “The Bomber” Facade didn’t have a response to Lynden. The episode would have been better with those promos added. Prime Wrestling had a taping March 16th so I’ll hope the new episodes start soon. -Kevin

56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania XIX’s Best Matches: Results

Hard to believe it’s been 10 years since Steve Austin’s last match against the Rock and since this epic Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho match (especially since they brilliantly revisited that feud five years later, which was five freaking years ago). Bask!

Stunt Granny Movie Review: G.I. Joe: Retaliation


G.I.Joe: Retaliation, directed by Jon M. Chu, is a fun, brain dead movie. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily but for everything it does right it does a lot wrong. The movie both suffers and excels from having to alleviate the failings of its predecessor. The first quarter of the movie sets the new tone for the franchise and quickly dispels the ridiculous battle suits and sci-fi elements that made the first movie reprehensible. They still use high-tech weapons but this in a grounded approach. These are soldiers this time around instead of cardboard cutouts with Robocop suits. Immediately the tone is set as a combat movie with over the top circumstances and it works for forty-five minutes. After this initial establishing of tone and house cleaning, the flaws of the film start to show through as the plot progresses.

Chu, whose last feature effort was “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never”, yeah that one, steers the movie with a loose hand. He pushes the plot at such a rapid pace that nothing really seems to matter. When a character dies it isn’t dwelled upon at all but we are supposed to believe it carries great weight. Nothing resonates so there is no emotional attachment. The larger actions scenes are chaotic and confusing and it works. The ambush of The Joes in particular is all over the place and it helps tie in to the characters confusion. On the other hand the close combat hand to hand fight scenes are shot too close. Sure the fists and feet are flying but none of the blows carry weight. The use of the bullet time slow-motion technology has really run its course and was used as a crutch to prop up the schizophrenic battle between Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes.

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#SippyTimeBeer Review – Calfkiller, Turtle Anarchy & Yazoo

Calfkiller Turtle Anarchy Yazoo

After we had gone to the Belle Meade Plantation and Hog Heaven, we hit a nice beer refuge called the Flying Saucer. They have quite a few locations around the country, most of which are in the south. If you get the chance to check one out, do it. The soft pretzels were fantastic. If one is really close, you can get into the U.F.O. Club which gets you a fancy gold plate on the ceiling and or walls for drinking 200 beers and dropping $18. I would gladly take that deal if the closest location weren’t Nashville.

Calfkiller Brewing CompanyBrown Recluse – I used to walk into record stores and purchase random CDs because of their names. I do the same thing now, except with beers. I was looking for a new beer company to try and even though Calfkiller’s tap said seasonal, I was all in. The flavor ended up being named after a spider which is native to the area. They are based out of Sparta KY which was another change. All of these changes paid off in taste. It was a tasty brown ale that reminded me of something like Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale. There was hope for beer from Tennessee after all.

Turtle Anarchy Brewing CompanyPortly Stout – Most stouts will make you feel portly after you drink them and this one is no different. It had a heavy coffee taste to it which doesn’t bother me even though I don’t drink coffee. It had a good rich taste though and went well with the pretzel as seen in the picture. It cooled off the spicy mustard dip. This company is out of Franklin TN so…

Yazoo Brewing CompanyHefeweizen – …I went back to beers brewed in Nashville. As I said in the first part, you need to try a company’s whole body before you can judge it. This beer had no fancy name to attached to it after a couple of creative names. Just like the name, there didn’t seem to be anything fancy about this beer which was great. It was a good crisp and just spiced enough hefeweizen that went down very quickly after two thicker beers.

I didn’t get a chance to sample more varieties from Yazoo but I will try to the next time I’m down a little further south. Two beers is far too small a sample size from a company that has eight beers amongst which is another amber ale. I’d be more than happy to try more beers from the other companies too. I like to drink local so remember, when you buy a growler from a local beer company, everyone wins. -Kevin

56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania XIX’s Best Matches

Here’s an underrated WrestleMania if I ever saws one. A few candidates for best match of the night, including, of course, one stand-out and possibly a few cult favorites. Also, the first WrestleMania under the new WWE banner! Hey! What you got?

Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of #WWE #Raw


I’m getting to start early because my boxer decided to fall asleep much earlier than expected. It looks like today starts the final count down to Wrestlemania. I hope this song sticks in your brain during the whole show. Let’s roll.

CM Punk & Paul Heyman get to start the show. If the Rock isn’t the last segment, I’ll be shocked. Punk is not getting much of a reaction. The crowd does get behind the Undertaker attack. The promo didn’t do a whole lot for me. Taker looks like he is mobile. I wonder what length of match he has in him though. Thirty seconds isn’t a test.

Fandango is supposed to make his in ring debut again. They talk about Chris Jericho who never should have been surprised by Fandango showing up when they put his entire entrance up on Smackdown. Jericho goes right after Fandango. Why did Jericho agree to work this angle? I’m confused that this is his thing headed into Wrestlemania. Dolph Ziggler was conveniently ready to go when Fandango ran off. Before the break, I was busy checking the news on Dustin Kilgore, who wrestles for Kent State. He won the the 197 pound division last year and lost this year in the championship 8-6. Impressive career. I wonder if he’ll follow in Dolph’s foot steps. Big E Langston interferes of course. A second attempt works for the Walls. Dolph taps. Langston ambushes him. Someone for their team needs some heat. Fandango comes back down. After dancing in front of him, he assaults Jericho. Why should I believe Fandango can beat Jericho if he just got the guy who has the MITB briefcase to tap? None.

They recap Smackdown again. It really must be Wrestlemania season. Two weeks in a row on this stuff. Sheamus gets to talk until the Shield attacks. These dummies aren’t traveling together? Randy Orton then Big Show make the save. Stay together or within closer ass kicking distance.

Mark Henry gets to continue his show of strength by beating the Usos. They got a splash in which is surprising. World’s Strongest Slam. Impressive but getting repetitive at this point. He’s had this character for a while. This Philly crowd seems luke warm.

They put the 9 PM switch to Antonio Cesaro taking on Alberto Del Rio. Good for them. Mitchell Cool informs us of frequent belt changes at Wrestlemania. I’ll remember that for the John Cena vs the  Rock match. Jack Swagger attacks Ricardo Rodriguez again. Del Rio makes the save. Cesaro celebrates the count out win. Kind of funny. Del Rio attacks Cesaro. Why are you making a baby face look like a petty dick?

The Prime Time Players get to play fodder to Team Hell No. You could convince me the crowd was half of 18,000+ Mitchell Cool just said. I feel bad for Cool when Lawler no sells his “Don’t work six days of the work” line. Kane choke slammed Young for the win.

HHH gives me plenty of catch up time. He delivered a HHH promo and didn’t waste time. I could handle that. HHH kicks Wade Barrett in the nuts.

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Stunt Granny Conversation: Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15: This Sorrowful Life


Spolier. Bwahahahahah too bad.

Well, all of that just happened.  The Walking Dead last night just kicked us all in the nether regions and then took off on us like a common mugger. “This Sorrowful Life” had a little bit of everything; Death, redemption, love, hope and a lot of failure. In yet another “quiet” episode a lot sure happened and Jeremy and Kevin are here to discuss most of it. Yeah we are supposed to say all of it but come ne some things will fall through the cracks, cough, Carol, Hershel and Rick. It is all lead up to next week’s season three finale and potential showdown between Rick and The Governor. Is that the battle we even want to see now? Has last night’s events changed the main event showdown? How does one man cause so much havoc on a whim while the leader of a group can’t come up with the same idea? Who had Zombie kill of the week? How do you hotwire a car with one hand? What laws exist regarding divorce in the time of the zombie apocalypse?  Just keep reading to find out.

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56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania X-Seven’s Best Matches: Results




Leave it to the Stunt Galaxy: This year’s version of Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boys vs. Dudley Boys made it, as did the Gimmick Battle Royal. You truly are ones-of-a-kind. (And you’re right; as good as Undertaker vs. Triple H and Steve Austin vs. Rock were, tell me you weren’t on the edge of your seat for the entire battle royal. You were.)

56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania 2000’s Best Matches: Results

No shocker here: The follow-up to October 1999’s great ladder match between the Hardy Boys and Edge & Christian would set the stage for incredible triple threat action for the next 12 months, to include the Dudley Boys as well. As for the other winner, you try spending more than 5 minutes at work searching for “terri runnels kat” and see what you find. Use your imagination on that one, weirdos.

56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania X8’s Best Matches

It’s WrestleMania times 8! Anyway, not a bad card, but a clear front-runner for best match. I know I have a personal favorite No. 2; let’s see what yours is!

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