Wrestlemania 29 (NY/NJ) Preview Part V

Ballroom Wing TipsSince Jeremy agreed that he wouldn’t be doing previews as I had predicted on Monday, I’m going written for the previews. I’m hoping to do two matches a day including on Sunday. We’ll see if it happens or if I end up stacking them up because I can’t get to them. I’ll be separating them into pairs with one good match and one bad match.

Bad Match

Chris Jericho vs Fandango: I’m laughing some at the ridiculousness of the Fandango gimmick. It can’t last and they’ll beat it into the ground so I know I’ll get sick of it. Chris Jericho came back to face…Johnny Curtis? It’s pretty interesting that him, Big Show, Randy Orton & Sheamus have nothing to do. At least Jericho has a single’s match? I guess that’s why I’m putting it in the bad match category. If Jericho wins, a new guy lost his first match. If Fandango wins, it’s almost assuredly going to be by some underhanded tactic. I’m glad Jericho is willing to do jobs to help elevate people but it seems to early to help Fandango. Prediction: I hate the ending of a well wrestled match.

Good Match

WWE Champion Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson defending against John Cena: If you didn’t read Jeremy’s take on G.I. Joe: Retaliation, make sure to read it. After seeing it Friday night, I agree with the assessment. Fun time but having to repair for a terrible first movie hindered it. The dialogue between the Rock and John Cena hasn’t changed much between last year and this year. Cena has tried to pull some lessons from last year’s loss but it doesn’t seem to resonate. Maybe because his fans are younger, they haven’t felt that kind of loss before whether it’s in a sporting event or just in life in general. I understand what made Rock so popular but he hasn’t done much for me throughout this return. I’m not saying it was bad just good but just kind of there for me. Prediction: John Cena wins. We suffered though because The Rock & John Cena are saved their best promos for part III of this feud.

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