#ROH Is The Worst Part II

Leg-fractureROH is the worst. This week’s offense was the entire set up around the Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Fish. The main part of the match that raised my ire was when Edwards hit a moonsault to the outside onto Fish. Edwards overshoot Fish a little bit and whacked his shin of the guard rail pretty well. Kevin Kelly then starts to sell the injury as a game changing part of the match. That part makes sense even if I thought it was overboard for him to sell it as possibly broken. The real offense came with both men recovering on the outside. There is plenty of time being spent on the outside with Kelly selling it so this is a great time for a replay, right? Well my good friends, ROH didn’t think that was a good plan.

Just to make sure that this segment sucked even more, ROH felt the need to put Davey Richards on commentary because Caleb Whateverhislastnameis was injured at the iPPV that got cut off. I hope everyone got to see that part because he’s awful at his job. He makes me sound like Joe Rogan. Back to Richards. He’s even worse behind the head set. He’s wooden if I’m being generous. Richards makes me sound like Pat Summerall.

They wanted to make sure they hit a trifecta of problems in this one segment. Eddie Edwards was the perpetrator but it’s more of an ROH style of wrestling problem. He sold the shin injury for about a minute after he got back into the ring. Injuries are part of wrestling or real combat sports. Please start selling more in your organization. Edwards was even confident enough to try and finish Fish off with a double stomp. That’s when he baby sold the injury from earlier. Fish gets him in a jack knife cover for the win. Davey Richards puts the cherry on the sundae by dead panning “That was a pretty clean win. Not much I can say about that one.” ROH is the worst. -Kevin

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