Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Review: Priest

This tells you all you really need to know about this movie.

This tells you all you really need to know about this movie.

Have you ever watched a preview and then immediately thought “That didn’t look good at all?” Well if you have then Priest is the movie for you. It wasn’t good in any respect. Paul Bettany stars as a Priest and the backstory is convoluted and boring. The vampires are mutant animals of some sort and are completely CGI and it just kills any sort of believability in this new world. Hell, even the voiceover explaining how the planet was ruined and vampires are n colonies has absolutely zero energy. The narrator may have yawned at the end.  The special effects are masked in darkness and it renders just about every scene flat. Nothing jumps off the screen and it has a lot to do with the continual use of CGI.  It is abundant and makes a movie about vampire hunter priests even more unbelievable. Yes you read that right. Priest isn’t a terrible movie. It isn’t Battleship level bad but it isn’t very good. It really cannot be recommended on a lazy rainy day. It just isn’t worth the effort to watch. -Jeremy


One Response

  1. omg, I’ll never understand the horrible reviews of this movie. Me and my son love it, maybe we’re just dopes, but we’ve watched it like 6 times and always go, “what the heck? this is an AWESOME move!”

    Course I loved Firefly too, and it was a genre mixing show…

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